5+5 Fun Facts About OOH Advertising

Fun Facts About OOH Advertising

Have you ever wondered about the fun facts of out-of-home advertising? We compiled a fun yet interesting list that you should know about OOH advertising!

1. Billboard Advertisements That Broke World Records

Did you know that a world record was broken for the most brands advertising in a single billboard? The record was broken in March 2018 at the United Arab Emirates when 1,563 brands advertised in one billboard led by Ras Al Khaimah Department of Economic Development.



We’re also aware of just how big an impact billboard advertisements have. This organization took things to the next level to break the world record for the largest billboard ever. The Emirates Intellectual Property Association – EIPA from the United Arab Emirates put out a billboard in November 2018 displaying different logos in support for intellectual property rights. The billboard measured 6,260 m² (67,382 ft² 11 in²). 


If you haven’t noticed, the United Arab Emirates are definitely keen on breaking world records in the out-of-home advertising industry. 


2. Billboards at Times Square, New York City Can Be Seen From Space

New York City is the city that never sleeps. Times Square, one of its most famous locations, is home to a number of the brightest and biggest billboards in one area. Surprisingly, the brightness of these billboards can actually be seen from outer space.


In 2008, the Expedition 16 crew snapped a photo of Manhattan from the International Space Station. In the image below, it’s not hard to locate just where Times Square is with its very bright lights. 


3. Billboard Trends in Different Asian Cities

Different cities have different cultures, and that includes different billboard or out-of-home advertising trends.


In Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, “Only the biggest, brightest, and boldest ads get noticed,” stated by Jamie Thomson, the head of a copywriting agency in Edinburgh. Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest intersections in the world where approximately 2,500 people cross its pedestrian lanes at a time.



In Manila, the famous road called EDSA is home to a great number of billboard advertisements. Since traffic has become a big part of the city culture, brands are sure that their ads will be seen by consumers since most are stuck in traffic at least 66 minutes every day. 


Meanwhile, Bangkok’s CentralWorld Plaza is one of the most popular sites for out-of-home advertisements. It is also the sixth largest shopping mall in the world. The 8,000-square meter mall is where many big events in the city are held. This is also where many brands, such as Panasonic and Coca-Cola, invest in their billboard advertisements.

4. The Rapid and Continuous Growth of Out-of-Home Advertising

Here are some fast yet fun facts about the growth of out-of-home advertising globally:


5. The Most Expensive Billboard in the World

In 2014, the most expensive billboard in the world was priced at $100,000 a day. This billboard was put up in Times Square, New York City by the Universal Everything studio. The billboard’s goal was to take high-definition LED screens to the next level. Standing at eight-storeys tall and as long as a football field, the screen boasted a 24 million mega pixel display to attract consumers. 


As we can see in the photo below, this billboard was definitely something you couldn’t miss. 



We all know just how fun out-of-home advertising is with the facts we’ve just mentioned above. The effectiveness of billboard and OOH advertising has become a platform for companies to be fun, creative, and flexible. 


To add more to the fun, we’ve also made a list of the best OOH advertisements in recent times:


1. This BIC Advertisement Shows Us a Humoring Way to Use Their Razors

Advertising agency: TBWA UK

2. The Day After Tomorrow’s Submerged Billboard Took OOH Advertising to Deep Waters Quite Literally

Advertising agency: Fame Adlabs

3. Coca-Cola Gave Consumers the Chance to Taste Their Product at This Coke Zero Billboard Advertisement

Advertising agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York

4. Spotify Didn’t Hold Back with Their Advertisements by Calling Out Their Own Consumers’ Activity

Advertising agency: N/A

5. Daikin Helps Us Keep Track of the Temperature Outside

Billboard site by: The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor)


If you are also looking to have fun with out-of-home advertising, The Perfect Media is here for your needs. You may check out our services and locations to see how you can grow your brand through out-of-home advertising.



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