The Future of Billboards at The Downtown At Marina Bay

Singapore is going through an exciting time!


In the next couple of years, the heart of the city will be transferred to The Downtown at Marina Bay. This new city around the bay is built with deliberate planning with a slew of large scale projects for all types of land use. Already, the seeds for the new Central Business District (CBD) are planted with the completion Grade A office buildings such as One Marina Boulevard in 2004 and One Raffles Quay in recent 2007. The much hyped about Integrated Resort (IR) is scheduled for completion in 2008, adding to the strong tourism and recreational theme for the new city centre. This is also boosted by the already thriving new Marina Bay Golf Course and the grandiose Gardens by The Bay project as part of the Water Bodies Masterplan.


The upcoming completion of the Marina Barrage in 2007 would form part of the new Marina Reservoir together with the other three water bodies, Singapore River, Marina Channel and Kallang Basin. This enlarged water body and stabilised water level will be suitable for an even wider range of activities including current major events such as international water sports events, outdoor concerts and fireworks displays.


While our local developmental agencies such as EDB, URA and NParks are aggressively driving this new vibrant waterfront city with all these Masterplans here and there, I must also contribute too! 😉

Where the city life moves towards, outdoor advertising will as well. It is inevitable, just like the Law of Attraction. Thus it is very heartening to hear that new areas to be considered for outdoor advertising will include The Downtown at Marina Bay! But frankly, I am not as keen on outdoor advertising on building facades as compared to the following forms:


Floating billboards/inflatable water balloons


Billboards on barges


Sponsored sails of wind-surfers and catamarans


I will drive (more like lounge on) one of these babies anytime around the Marina Reservoir myself! Oh but please don’t make me apply through additional governmental bodies to include NParks, PUB and NEA on top of the BCA and URA!



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