Cranked Up Classics: Pasar Malams With a Different Audience

Geylang Bazaar 2017

Amidst the buzz of Ramadhan this 2017, one of Singapore’s iconic events has evolved like never before. It is without a doubt that there is something different about Geylang Bazaar 2017.


With the rise of new-age bazaars like Bangkok’s Artbox, Singapore’s annual iconic Geylang Bazaar also hopped on the trendwagon. Once a classic festive event, the Geylang Bazaar gathered mostly families and those participating in festive celebrations. The bazaar now featured a new rendition of tradition, appealing to a younger, racially diverse crowd. With the rest of the world moving so quickly, it is comforting to see Singapore’s classics keeping up.


As mentioned briefly in the previous post, business owners are taking advantage of the massive crowd this peak period. People of all race, religion and age groups are seen flooding this new fad. Instead of merely targeting a specific demographic, advertisers now turn towards a more diverse target audience.


Commonly known as “the Ramadhan Bazaar”, it served its purpose as a one-stop venue for Hari Raya preparation. Families headed down to grab new furniture, traditional clothing, house decorations, and of course breaking fast with the famed variety and quality of food.

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However, Singapore’s successful adoption of a multiracial and multi-religious identity has no longer confined customary events like these to specific demographics.


New age Geylang Bazaar

Geylang Bazaar 2017 is Singapore’s biggest Cranked Up Classic yet. This fascinating brew of heritage and hip gathered a medley of both locals and foreigners, young and old. Visitors to this bazaar are made up of several races and religions. Thanks to the presence of a vast variety of food stalls, food enthusiasts both local and even global, gathered at this very bazaar. Here are some of the treats that you can find at Geylang Bazaar 2017.


In the heat of night markets, young adults are seen quenching thirsts with both classic and new drinks.

Everyone is experimenting with food nowadays. People of all races come down to grab a taste of these fusion foods.

What comes after your mains? Desserts, of course! Savoury for everyone, both young and old.

Last but not least, what is Ramadhan bazaar without the norm? Even with new demographics visiting the bazaar, the regulars still keep coming.

While all these seem fun, it’s time we talk business. A large amount of human and vehicular traffic brought about by the bazaar generates a sky high eyeball rate for our very prominent billboards at the Tristar Complex. Shoppers are bound to spot your advertisement on our billboards, as they stop and savour their delights from the bazaar. Motorists have yet another form of entertainment, while stuck in heavy traffic along the busy road. Here are some tips to create an effective billboard.


New Site!

Hotel Boss is one of our newest media location that we cannot wait to introduce to you. We have a frontlit display, facing towards Jalan Besar, Little India, Kallang and city area. Located in close proximity to Bugis Junction and Arab Street, this billboard is sure to be noticed by shoppers, tourists and a young demographic visiting popular shopping and eating sites.


Also located near the Masjid Malabar Mosque, our billboards can also reach out to visitors to this religious site. Coupled with our sites at the Tristar Complex, advertisers occupying both sites can leverage on being seen by visitors heading to and from the mosque and the bazaar. By engaging in our advertisement spaces, you can be part of the experience of those participating in this festive season.


It is definitely an excellent opportunity for advertisers to grab. Slots for our billboards at Tristar Complex are sold out this Ramadhan season due to this very reason and are expected to run out soon for the next. What are you waiting for? Hop on the trendwagon with us now!


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