Giant LED Screen at Queensway Shopping Centre Updated

QSC LED Update 1
We are pleased to announce that our effort of extensive upgrading works to our LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre has paid off. It was one of the best high resolution LED screens available when it first existed back in 2008.


QSC LED Update 2Current Client: Golden Village


This awesome screen was fully invested to undergo major maintenance work to make sure it continues operating at its optimal capacity and serves you better. Our screen is now at its fittest form to function, assuring our clients a more consistent performance; all set to deliver your branding messages and promotions to the audience.


What our Giant LED Screen at Queensway Shopping Centre has to offer:

Target audience:-

  • Youths, Families over the weekend
  • Sports goers
  • Popular shopping malls nearby

People frequent there for:-

  • Hipster Cafes, Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants
  • Spas, Salons, Boutiques
  • Electronic & Appliance Stores
  • Education Centers


Places of Interest:-

  • IKEA, Park Hotel, Alexandra Central, Anchor Point
  • Car Showrooms; BMW, Porsche, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota, etc
  • Offices, Food Centers (Alexandra Village Food Centre, ABC Brickworks), Banks (OCBC), Workshops
  • Health & Fitness: Alexandra Hospital, Anytime Fitness

Map QSC 1


This area is already bustling with business people / working adults gathering for lunch or dinner, more tourists / foreigners on vacation, staying in the newly launched hotel. Click here to read the full article; ‘Queensway; A Local Hero’.
Famous for its wide range of sporting goods, Queensway Shopping Centre is perfect for targeting active sports goers. It is seen as one of our ‘Local Heroes’ for having been around for a long time and continuously catering to consumers’ sporting needs.
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Just in time for our new packages, this year, we would like to share with our clients the opportunity to be featured as Singapore’s “Local Hero”, alongside Queensway Shopping Centre itself.


Stay tuned in for our upcoming campaign or drop us a call at 62730556 for further enquiries.


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