InsightsGIANT Luggage Spotted in Singapore
GIANT Luggage Spotted in Singapore

GIANT Luggage Spotted in Singapore

Did some giant wandering around Singapore lose their luggage today?



This 3-D display for a giant luggage by the Carlton was spotted at the open field near the Tanjong Pagar area today. The size is deceptively small in the pictures and I have not seen it for myself yet. But I was assured that it towered close to 2 persons in total height. Nice finishing touch with the coat hanger detail as well, since I can now be sure that it is definitely target at the frequent/ business travelers.


I am empathize closely with these business travelers, it is totally enjoyable to be zipping around new cities and meeting new people and culture etc. But managing that luggage along with all that moving around, and the dread packing…?! The size of this display completely correlates with the size of the headaches of frequent travelers. Nice…


TPM was also part of another ART-vertisement display in Singapore at 5 locations. Read more here…

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