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Google Android Phone from Singtel

Google Android Phone from Singtel

We recently completed the media booking and print, installation production for the Google Android Phone from Singtel.


We do not usually recommend boomgates advertising for 2 key reasons (1) Limit to size of visual whereby display height ranges from 0.08m-0.30m only . (2) Lowered chances to view advertisement message thanks to the speed of the boom gate/ car park barrier arms’ operation. A victim of technology progress, no thanks to the Singapore ERP system for car park operation.


But this car park boomgates campaign by “Google Android Phone from Singtel” is really a very special creative execution whereby the Android itself takes centrestage in the whole creative. Every time a vehicle passes through the carpark boomgates it would seems like the Android’s little arm is lifting the barrier arm. Thus the Android is quite the little enabler isn’t it?


Singtel Carpark Boomgates Display at Golden Shoe Singapore


Above: Entry boomgates at Golden Shoe Carpark; Below: Exit boomgates at Plaza Singapura


Singtel Carpark Boomgates Display at Plaza Singapura Singapore


Locations: Bugis Junction, Plaza Singapura, Golden Shoe, Funan The IT Mall, Tampines Mall, AMK HubFormat: Car park boomgates/ Carpark barriers
Date: May 2009

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