Insights Happy National Day Singapore 2020
Happy National Day Singapore 2020

Happy National Day Singapore 2020

It’s that time of the year again and once again, we are wearing our best reds and whites to celebrate Singapore’s birthday. It serves as a timeless reminder of how far Singapore has come as a nation since 1965, together as one. 


This year, The Perfect Media is proud to be one of the sponsors of Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) 2020.


We are happy to be part of Singapore’s birthday celebrations. Check out how The Perfect Media together with NDP rallying spirit for the celebration of NDP 2020 in the heartland – Queensway Shopping Centre.





At the same time, we are happy to share the NDP Singapore goodie bags with our NGO clients to celebrate together and support them. Our billboards have worked well for NGOs like Pertapis and  Muhammadiyah that have used our locations at the Geylang Serai area for outdoor advertising.



The Perfect Media is truly proud to be a Singaporean based outdoor advertising company. And we have launched a local initiative to support our fellow Singaporeans with a limited time offer for a free media consultation. We are happy to share our expertise – see more details here


Wishing all our clients and supporters a wonderful future and we hope to continue being a part of your Singapore story! 



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