The Health Promotion Board Message Roams

With the recent surge of the hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) in Singapore, it is increasingly important for the message of prevention and identification of the disease to be at all levels of the community.


TPM is supporting The Health Promotion Board of Singapore, HPB, to spread its community message to the grassroots level with a standard creative format at highly targeted areas of key malls, sub-urban centres, hospitals, swimming complexes and sporting areas etc.


Health Promotion Board Lightbox KK Hospital Singapore


(Currently displayed at KK Hospital)


This standard format comes in a 6-sheet scrolling lightbox (approx. 1.2m (W) x 1.8m (H)) and in an indoor context – it looks HUGE! Therefore there is an incredible visual impact.

Health Promotion Board Lightbox Visuals Details

(Detail of the visuals for the Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease)


Being a bright and vibrant design, done by the good folks at Ogilvy, the visuals are effective and interesting to both the mall visitors and the mall management too! We are also grateful to the team at Mindshare to manage all the multiple locations with us all. Furthermore, HPB had the wonderful foresight to include take-one holders so that interested audience can help themselves to more detailed information – but only if the viewer wants it.


The lightboxes are currently at 15 locations islandwide for its May run. This lightboxes will be coming to you very soon as we are reaching out to at least 3-5 locations in the North, Central, East and West every month. The final site within each location is also carefully chose to reach out to the relevant audience thus this one located at Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang is actually on the 4th level facing the community library.


Health Promotion Board Lightbox Lot 1 Singapore


(Currently displayed at Lot One)


This will be especially effective at the sub-urban centres and to the parents of young families when they hang out in the malls or enjoying a well deserved but simple dinner at the neighbourhood mall.

Make the right choice for your children so that we can all go play in a healthy and happy manner!



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