How Advertisers Use Out-of-Home Supporting Safe Return to Work

As Singapore sees a drop in the number of reported COVID-19 cases, more employees will find themselves back at work.


According to an article published by The Straits Times, The Manpower Ministry has updated its requirements for safe management measures at workplaces, most significant easing of restrictions since the imposed circuit breaker on 7th April.


Employers were encouraged to put in place measures like staggered reporting timings as well as flexible working hours. No more than half of employees should be at work at any one time.


With many people returning to public spaces, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) decided to work with The Perfect Media (TPM) to spread awareness on ways to remain safe. MCI’s goals were to highlight certain measures to people who would already know them but may have forgotten to put them into practice. Some tips emphasised were avoiding handshakes, practicing safe distancing and keeping clean hands.


Infographic for a new normal by MCI Source:



Outdoor Advertising’s Part in Spreading the ‘New Normal’


This was done through Out-of-Home advertising with TPM, using large advertisements placed at high traffic areas for maximum impact. These include Queensway Shopping Centre, Jalan Besar Plaza, Sim Lim Square, Tristar and People’s Park Complex.



MCI chose to advertise at areas that would encounter high footfall, for instance People’s Park Complex. This billboard sits directly outside Chinatown MRT, at eye level for those exiting through the MRT exit. There are food stalls around that would also attract customers who can stand by and read the advertisement.


MCI Safe Community Advertisement @ People’s Park Complex (The Perfect Media)


Jalan Besar Plaza is located 5 minutes away from the Central Business District of Singapore and has schools like Singapore Management University and Lasalle College of Arts nearby. There is also the popular shopping mall Mustafa Centre which is frequented by foreign workers and locals alike. By choosing to advertise at this particular billboard, MCI was able to reach a wide variety of audience.



MCI Safe Community Advertisement @ Jalan Besar Plaza (The Perfect Media)


Another location that MCI chose is the Queensway LED billboard, which is located at a four-way intersection. There is high drive-by traffic from cars coming and going towards Ayer-Rajah expressway, as well as from the nearby IKEA. As for Tristar Geylang, the billboard site is a 3-minute walk from Geylang Serai Market, that was frequently visited even during the 2-month long Circuit Breaker.


MCI Safe Community Advertisement @ Queensway Shopping Centre (The Perfect Media)


MCI Safe Community Advertisement @ Tristar Geylang (The Perfect Media)


The final site chosen for the advertisement was outside Sim Lim Square, strategically positioned on the corner parapet wall. It is directly exposed to heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and is highly visible, near to a major cross junction.


MCI Safe Community Advertisement @ Sim Lim Square (The Perfect Media)


Large Format Advertising

In order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in the community, MCI took the approach of using out-of-home advertising to keep people informed. Large format advertising has many advantages to it. It is hard to miss or avoid outdoor media, and it also can’t be skipped.


The Perfect Media offers outdoor advertising placements at strategic locations, including these 5 high impact areas that are appropriate for MCI in being able to increase community awareness.


The Perfect Media is able to help your brand reach the right millions by offering you out-of-home advertising placements at the most impactful of locations! With years of experience, we are able to contribute and apply our knowledge in out-of-home advertising for our clients’ success. Don’t hesitate to contact us now to find out more.




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