How Electronic Firms Utilize Powerful OOH In Singapore

Sim Lim Square is known as the one-stop-shop for all things electronic in Singapore. Whenever someone in Singapore wants something I.T. or technological related, Sim Lim Square is the first place they think of going.


The most appealing aspect of this complex is that the goods and services provided are of high quality and affordable. Apart from the usual local crowd, tourists are seen within the complex grabbing home electronics from authorised sellers at a fraction of the price they would have paid otherwise.


Products available in Sim Lim Square range from memory cards, computers to drones, cameras, etc. There are also shops that provide I.T. services, for example, Worldwide Computer Services Pte Ltd. Everyone who goes to Sim Lim Square already knows what they are going to get. So, it will be pretty hard to influence customers to get another product than the one they set out to purchase.



However, there is a high level of competition as a seller or service provider of electronic goods at Sim Lim Square. Businesses have to weigh their benefits and costs between keeping prices affordable and maintaining their profit margin. In order to differentiate themselves from the rest, businesses rely on targeted appropriate marketing. Marketing creates an opportunity to interact with consumers while sustaining a business’s presence in the market. In Sim Lim Square, there is a wide variety of shops and sellers selling similar products, hence, marketing is crucial in creating brand awareness and enabling the business to stand out from all its competitors in the same complex.


Laptops are a necessity in today’s times and there are a number of brands to choose from. The trend towards laptops has been growing for a long time. In the US, laptops first outsold desktops in the retail market 2008. The main reason for this is the convenience of having a laptop and the fact that you could bring and use one anywhere, be it for educational purposes or work. Some of these brands are Dell, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Razer etc. We at The Perfect Media have various clients, one of them being Dynabook, which specialises in laptops and computers.


In Sim Lim Square, there are many notable outdoor displays by Dynabook. Dynabook has invested heavily in the outdoor advertising medium in Sim Lim Square due to its strategic location with a targeted and wide reach for consumers. This is because many make their way to Sim Lim Square in search for the best deals for electronic products and services. These potential customers will then be able to observe these outdoor electronic advertisements. By viewing these advertisements, potential customers will have a greater urge to purchase the products of Dynabook due to the advertisements.



In this Dynabook’s campaign, it presents a clear message conveying how its products are tailored for the ‘professionals’. By addressing its potential customers “professionals”, Dynabook’s marketing strategy makes its potential customers feel respected and that they have the ability to command respect. By receiving respect, it is proven that people feel safer and more comfortable with expressing themselves. This aids in building healthy relationships of trust towards Dynabook as a brand and hence, establishing strong ties with its customers.  Furthermore, “professionals” showcase the ability of Dynabook’s advertisers to

connect with its target audience with its brand core value and hence, win the hearts of consumers.



The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor) offers outdoor advertising opportunities at Sim Lim Square. These sites are extremely attractive to marketers due to the close proximity to the electronic shops as well as the ability for these advertisements to reach the targeted audience.


With the numerous opportunities of out-of-home placements, The Perfect Media is here to help businesses to achieve an extensive reach of consumers, affordable cost and high turnover rates. The Perfect Media, with our rich experience in this industry, is here to provide you with our utmost service. Contact us here to learn more about our services and locations.






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