How to leverage Out of Home Advertising for Renovation and Construction Materials

Out-of-Home Advertising for B2B marketing is on the rise due to its ability to reach a significant audience, including business decision-makers and the construction materials and design consultancy market. Moreover, OOH advertising boosts search. According to Nielsen, Around 33% of B2B audiences search for an advertiser after viewing their OOH advertisement. This allows brands to measure impressions and reach using data and technology.


OOH advertising for B2B marketing is also very targeted. It helps identify customer patterns, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your customers’ preferences.


OOH advertising also benefits construction and renovation companies. These companies reach out to B2B decision-makers and contractors that can transform their businesses. And a great way to reach all stakeholders and decision-makers is using a billboard. The entire chain of supply chain for construction from interiors, external architecture, contractors, specialists installation and the consumers themselves can be educated.


OOH advertising helps one’s brand tell a story, develop an emotional bond with the audience and influence purchasing decisions and business initiatives. One of the best ways to share a B2B story is via the case studies or the emotional impact of the end consumer enjoying the benefits.


One of my favourite B2B story telling branding campaigns is from SAP: From the powerful use of colour with the signature yellow and reverse block text in their Out of Home advertisements, and commitment to media channels reaching the B2B business travellers, SAP has been consistent in both creative and media to be one of the most memorable B2B brands using Outdoor Media. For one their airport campaigns, SAP uses airports as one of their marketing channels and placed billboards featuring Elephants, Rhino & People ( at twenty-one selected airports in North America, Europe and Asia. This is part of SAP’s THE BEST-RUN BUSINESSES MAKE THE WORLD RUN BETTER marketing campaign and it works to illustrate how ERP uses SAP technology to accomplish exactly that.



Other B2B brands that are really good in B2B campaigns especially in the Outdoor advertising context using static and digital LED billboards include Xero, Zoho, Salesforce and also Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alicloud.


So where does your story begin with outdoor advertising?


Before designing an OOH marketing campaign, there are a few important things to consider, including:


  • Market
  • Target Audience
  • Budget
  • Timing
  • Messaging

Saint-Gobain Weber Group Using OOH advertising for B2B Marketing

Earlier this year in 2022, E.MIX (HK) Limited integrated into the Saint-Gobain Weber Group to provide creative solutions and expand their mortar and dry-mixed plaster business.


This merger has proved to be a powerful one. It is because E.Mix is one of the leading companies in Singapore that produces green and high-quality premixed products. Likewise, Weber is leading in the business of mortars worldwide, producing unique and personalized solutions for their clients. The success of this merger lies in its ability to combine the best of both worlds (E.Mix and Weber) to provide the best products to their customers.


Saint-Gobain Weber Group is a reliable construction materials platform. It has chosen an appropriate location for its billboard. They have advertised their company at Chinatown Singapore which has access a wide range of business decision-makers. This location also provides access to a large concentration of Chinese restaurants. These could be everyday restaurants, hot-pot mala for gatherings and even high end restaurants such as Huda Restaurant that serves delicious Xiao Long Xia. Huda Restaurant is famous for its fresh crayfish and Chinese delicacies. It means that a wide number of locals and foreigners visit these restaurants every day, coming across Weber’s billboard in People’s Park Complex.


Moreover, E.Mix Limited was previously a Hong Kong-based company. After its merger, Weber has chosen to advertise at a place where Chinese locals are present in a large number to enjoy Chinese delicacies. Also, Weber has made use of the local language i.e. Chinese in its billboard to build rapport and reach out to a wider target audience who may not have access to traditional or online media easily.


Using billboards, renovation companies also target construction workers and their supervisors for work health safety matters. A few years back, the Ministry of Manpower worked with Perfect Media for its outdoor campaign. MOM made use of National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign’s theme “SHINE@work” to publicize their commitment to work health safety of all workers, increasing their brand’s positive visibility.



Targeted Outdoor Advertising – 3 Key Products that are Popular in the Singapore Construction Market

  1. Tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is an essential component for renovation companies and contractors to own. Tile adhesives may be cement-based adhesives or reaction-type adhesives. Many companies also offer a wide range of environmentally friendly tile adhesives to reduce a detrimental impact on the globe.


  1. E.MIX

This is a carefully blended plaster for giving a nice finish to walls and ceilings. The plaster is water-resistant. It is an eco-friendly product and green-labelled. The Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme has rated it as a leader. This means that the product is safe and environment-friendly.


  1. Waterproofing products

With the help of waterproofing, you can put a stop to seepage and water leakage. Weber offers several environment-friendly waterproofing products, such as Cementitious Waterproofing, Liquid Applied Waterproofing, Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes, and Synthetic Waterproofing Membranes.


Targeting these three construction materials using a billboard for outdoor advertising is beneficial because they are in demand for every construction and renovation project. Also, outdoor advertising allows these products to successfully reach contractors, renovation companies and the construction market, increasing sales and promoting brand awareness.


Therefore, a billboard is a great way to create trust and develop a bond of reliability with the consumers. The physical presence of a brand or company with the help of a billboard allows it to enhance its brand visibility and beat the competitors. The Perfect Media’s B2B clients in the construction materials industry included Sika (Davco) that successfully benefitted from using outdoor advertising to create a powerful physical presence in omnichannel marketing.



Contact The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor) team of media experts and creative installers for details regarding the best creative marketing solutions for your brand in Out of Home advertising today.



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