How to Strategise the Location of Your Outdoor Advertisement

Despite the emergence of digital advertising, out-of-home advertising has continued to thrive in the advertising market. Out-of-home advertising has even leveraged digital elements to boost its effectiveness and attractiveness. Marketers have repeatedly found success in the outdoor medium and hence, continued to trust, rely upon and utilise it. Brands such as Apple, Google, McDonald’s are said to invest in out-of-home advertising as a marketing medium. 


The 2 key elements to a successful OOH location are:  


  • Having done a deep analysis of the people in each advertisement site


In order to provide the right content to the right audience at the right time in the right location, we need to have a deep analysis of the people frequenting each advertisement site. This includes the dynamic interests and habits of people. 


  • The utilisation of hyperlocal targeting 


To stay competitive, many businesses have utilised hyperlocal targeting in their out-of-home marketing campaign. This enables them to achieve their goal of reaching their intended audience. 


Currently, there have been numerous businesses using out-of-home advertising to market their content to their specific targeted audience. For instance, BNI bank, an Indonesian banking service provider has utilised OOH in their marketing campaigns in Singapore. 



BNI aims to promote electronic payments and banking services by placing outdoor advertisements at strategic locations. The objective of BNI bank is to develop brand presence and strengthen the recognition of BNI among the Indonesian community in Singapore. 


Strategically placed and focused on the Indonesian community within Singapore, BNI placed bank advertisement billboards at targeted sites such as Geylang Serai Tristar Complex and People’s Park Complex. Marketers of BNI have carefully selected these locations for bank advertising to target its target audience effectively. 



This effectiveness of OOH locations was achieved through: 


  • Utilising hyperlocal targeting 


Located at the cross junction of Geylang Serai Market and Joo Chiat Road, BNI’s bank advertisement billboard is well-positioned. It also faces the social, cultural, and heritage hub- Wisma Geylang Serai. Both BNI’s bank advertising billboards at Geylang Serai Tristar and People’s Park Complex are of close proximity to their outlets banks. Their outlets at Geylang Road and Cecil Street are located approximately 800m away from their OOH advertisements in both areas. Hence, this enables the BNI bank advertisements to achieve hyperlocal targeting of their audiences. Additionally, these locations have heavy human traffic. This ensures that their billboards are widely exposed and hence, making their billboards effective in reaching out to audiences. 



  • Aligning their target audience with the people frequenting the location 


The OOH placement of the BNI bank at People’s Park Complex targets 2 specific groups of people — businesses and individuals looking to send their money back home through 3rd parties remittance companies like ChangCheng, Zhongguo Remittance, Western Union, etc. Due to its location at People’s Park Complex, the OOH campaign is also able to reach the numerous businesses located around Chinatown. In the context of BNI, it is able to facilitate cross-currency transactions and act as money changers hence allowing businesses to conduct business in foreign countries. BNI is also able to aid individuals who wish to send money to many countries, especially Indonesia. There are many foreigners frequenting Chinatown and are likely to be a consumer of BNI’s OOH campaign. Hence, by placing an OOH at People’s Park Complex, BNI is able to reach its target audiences. 


BNI has made use of the Bahasa Indonesian language to further captivate its target audience. The words “Just one hand anywhere, anytime, 24 hours” written on the advertisement signifies, similar to the 24h billboard, the 24h excess to the bank’s service. Although the lingua franca between Singaporeans is English, the BNI chose to use Bahasa Indonesian. This is because it is the native language of their target audience – the Indonesian community within Singapore. This gives the Indonesian community a sense of familiarity and hence, connects better with BNI as a brand. The utilisation of the native language of its target audience of highly targeted areas is an excellent way for BNI to interact and engage its target audience. 


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With the numerous opportunities for OOH placements, The Perfect Media is here to aid your business to achieve an extensive reach of consumers, affordable cost, and high turnover rates. The Perfect Media, with our rich experience in this industry, is here to provide you with our utmost service. You may contact us here to learn more about our services and locations.



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