InsightsApa Saja Tujuan Iklan? Ini Dia Jawabannya!

Apa Saja Tujuan Iklan? Ini Dia Jawabannya!

The term “ad” must be familiar to your ears. Because every day we are exposed to various types of advertisements, ranging from product advertisements for promotional purposes and appeal advertisements released by the government.


However, what exactly is the  purpose of advertising  itself? For those of you who are still confused, the following review of the purpose of advertising  hopefully can help you. Happy reading!


To Provide Information

The purpose of one of the  objectives of this ad  is to provide information to the market about the existence of a product. Because of that, in an advertisement there is also accurate information about the product, and the information contained cannot contain lies, contain information that can harm consumers, and inaccurate information.


To Form an Image (Image)

As a marketing medium, advertising aims to shape the image of an item or service in an audience. Of course the image you want to form is a positive image, because a product with a good image will obviously be easier to attract the attention of the audience. That’s why information in advertisements must be accurate.


To Streamline Promotion

Of course there is no question about the  purpose  of this one advertisement , especially for commercial advertisements or product advertisements. As for non-commercial advertising, this goal can be reflected in efforts to campaign for a program to spread among the wider community.



Whether it’s facilitating product promotion or a non-commercial campaign, the  purpose  of this one ad is also related to the cost efficiency of promotion or marketing. Because, thus the owner of the ad can reach the wider community only by utilizing the existing communication media, and not promoting it directly or looking into the eyes.


To Introduce the Identity of an Organization

In addition to introducing products and services, advertising can also be used to introduce the identity of an organization, be it a business or non-business organization (for example non-profit organizations such as WHO and UNICEF).


To Persuade Consumers to Buy or Use Products

For product advertising, of course advertising aims to introduce the product and so that the audience is interested in using or buying the product. Only then will an advertisement be considered successful. That’s why the language of advertising must be persuasive or persuasive so that consumers do what the product provider wants (buy or use), but without feeling as if they have been influenced to take that action.



To Provide Added Value

One other  purpose of advertising  is to add value to a product in the eyes of consumers by influencing their perception. That’s why consumers will feel that a product looks more quality, good, and superior when compared to similar products manufactured by competing companies.


Those are some  of  the main advertising goals . Perfect Outdoor Media can also help you to create ads like on the Billboard.


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