InsightsBillboard dalam kota Batam tergusur proyek Pelebaran Jalan

Billboard dalam kota Batam tergusur proyek Pelebaran Jalan



Growth in the number of vehicle ownership in the city of Batam is quite high causing Batam to always experience traffic jams during rush hour, Based on data recorded in Batam’s Samsat in 2013 alone the number of motorcycles in Batam has reached 776,343 units, while cars reached 259,843 units. That is, the number of vehicles in Batam is as much as the population.


To unravel this congestion, the Batam City Government has begun to carry out a widening project on road sections and intersections prone to congestion, besides that this is also done to enhance the aesthetics of the main and pedestrian highways in the city of Batam by making street furniture, decorative lighting and city icons, but In addition, this widening work caused many billboards and billboards on the roadside to be demolished due to land limitations, causing an increase in billboard billboards due to reduced availability of locations within the city of Batam.




This makes the Billboard location point shifted from downtown Nagoya and Jodoh to spread to the area of ​​expansion and the development of new areas such as Batam Center, Sekupang, Batu Aji, the Airport and its surroundings. And the best choice is at the airport as the first gate that is encountered in Batam City, where everyone from outside the city who will enter Batam must pass through the Airport, as well as other Batam City entrances such as the International Port, Domestic and Shopping Centers, We as providers Advertising services in Batam can help with all your billboard product installation needs in the city of Batam and surrounding areas. Remember Billboard Billboard Remember TPM yes … Contact us immediately



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