Insights4 Hal Penting dalam Membuat Iklan Barang
4 Hal Penting dalam Membuat Iklan Barang

4 Hal Penting dalam Membuat Iklan Barang

Examples of advertising goods circulating in the community are very many. In general, the best-selling goods and many fans are consumer goods or goods that are often bought by the public. No doubt, competition in making advertisements ensued. Each presents a unique and different creativity so that it can attract the interest of the audience to buy it. The following are examples of goods advertisements and important things that must be considered when creating goods advertisements.


Examples of Multiple Goods Advertisements

As the name implies, advertisement of goods is a promotion carried out to offer a product (in physical form). The following are examples of ads that fall into this category:

  1. Beverage advertisements;
  2. Food advertisements;
  3. Advertising of electronic goods;
  4. Drug adverts;
  5. Advertising kitchen needs; etc.


4 Important Things to Look For When Creating an Ad

Creating advertisements, especially advertising goods, may not be careless. To be able to win the hearts of consumers, creating unique ads and giving a deep impression is needed. Here are a few important things if you are going to create an item ad:


1. Create an Effective Tagline

The tagline is the key to the success of a product advertisement. A tagline is an interesting sentence in an ad that is easy to say, easy to remember, hit, and directly goes to the mind of everyone who sees or hears the ad. So, once the tagline is seen or heard, the public can immediately imagine the product being sold.


2. Storyline

If the ads used are audio visual, don’t forget to provide a unique storyline. Because, a unique story line will be more easily recorded in the audience’s memory. Not only that, the audience will also not be bored to see the ad. Indeed, the duration of ad serving is generally limited to only a few minutes. Therefore, use the shortest time to provide maximum flow.

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3. Color Combinations

The use of a good color combination also determines whether or not an ad is attractive. It would be better if you use colors that are the brand colors of these products. For example, if a brand uses white or orange predominance, use these colors to advertise. Thus, the public can immediately recognize the products offered even though they have not fully watched or read the advertisements that are displayed.


4. Actor

It is undeniable, the characters displayed in advertisements also provide an important role in attracting consumers to also use the products offered. No wonder so many examples of advertisements of goods that show the faces of important figures or famous artists to come offer these products. However, if you are also interested in using this trick, do not forget to ask permission and give rights to the results to the concerned.


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