InsightsMenelisik Lebih Jauh Kekuatan Iklan Motor Sebagai Tren Baru OOH

Menelisik Lebih Jauh Kekuatan Iklan Motor Sebagai Tren Baru OOH


Drivers in Jakarta can spend an average of more than 31,680 minutes or about 22 days on their vehicles – on the road each year (Uber and Boston Consulting Group 2017). Especially on certain days, 35% of people in Jakarta only spend their time on the road. This figure makes the citizens of Jakarta the longest person on the road compared to residents of other large Asian cities.

Along with the increasing number of vehicles in big cities like Jakarta, as well as the rapid development of technology currently opens opportunities for business people to advertise using one of the latest outdoor advertising innovations, namely motorcycle advertising.




Jakarta Has the Highest Road Density of up to 2,100 vehicles / km (Source:

Jakarta Has the Highest Road Density of up to 2,100 vehicles / km (Source:


Motorcycle advertising is very effective at reaching audiences of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. You don’t just ‘send’ motorcyclists with “moving billboards” to many road points. But you will also reach passengers on their motorbikes, greet other motorists while waiting for the green light and pedestrians who accidentally see your ad, while at points unreachable by advertising media such as billboards and the like.


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Display of Shopee Ads on Motorcycle Billboards (Source: Motorplus)

Display of Shopee Ads on Motorcycle Billboards (Source: Motorplus)


Display of Super Moto Car Ads on Motorcycle Billboards (Source: Instazu)

Display of Super Moto Car Ads on Motorcycle Billboards (Source: Instazu)


Display of KIT Ads on Motorcycle Billboards (Source: Instazu)

Display of KIT Ads on Motorcycle Billboards (Source: Instazu)




Wide Coverage
It is widely known that motorcycles have become the most popular mode of transportation used by the Indonesian people in daily activities. According to the survey results from the 2018 Central Statistics Agency, the number of motorbikes reached approximately 138 million units. Nearly half of the total population of Indonesia is 260 million people. For Jakarta alone, there were around 20 million registered motorbikes. Even now, in Indonesia there have been two giant startups in the field of online motorcycle taxis, Gojek and Grab, which helped spur this two-wheeled transportation. It is known, throughout 2018 yesterday, Gojek has traveled more than 4 billion kilometers to serve the transportation needs of the Indonesian people. Imagine, how great the opportunity for advertisements to be seen at many points through the introduction of your ad!


Geographical Reach
When a business decides to display motorcycle advertisements in a certain region, the business will actively and specifically reach people with characteristics and backgrounds based on their region. With the help of a clear data recap, you can choose the driver according to the daily route they usually take, according to the target or audience segment of your ad.


Cost effective
The large number of potential consumers of motorbike advertising will help you save on advertising costs. In addition, the number of advertisements is certainly a factor in the effectiveness of advertising. For example, if you only advertise on 5 motorcycles in the area you want to target, then it will not be economically sufficient. Therefore, consider placing advertisements with non-movable outdoor advertising media such as road billboards, or advertisements posted in airport and port areas. You can also combine the two with the right ad planning, so that your ad is able to reach the maximum audience attention for the brand.


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Interfere with Road User Focus
Consider that the highway is a place where motorists need to concentrate fully on the road. With square boxes in the rear stirrup that always stick when driving, motorcycle advertisements can obstruct the forward vision or distract other road users, so that it can be an inconvenience.


Creativity Issues
If the design of the motorcycle ad is not well made, then the ad will not be noticed so it is very important that the ad campaign must be concise, sharp and creative to attract the right attention. In addition, with the speed of motorized vehicles, as well as motorcycle ads are not as silent as other advertising media such as static billboards, it will make it difficult for motorcycle ads to grab the full attention of road users.


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Low Exposure
The reach of a motorcycle ad also depends on how active the rider is on his daily trip. The more active and achieved points, the higher the level of brand awareness that will be created.


In short, motorcycle advertising like other outdoor media has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is currently one of the most popular advertising trends in Indonesia.




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