InsightsIklan Transit dan Keuntungan Menggunakannya

Iklan Transit dan Keuntungan Menggunakannya


One of the advantages of transit ads is that transit ads are not easy to be ignored or eliminated by the recipients such as advertisements using flyers or brochures. Because these transit ads are seen by many people around the road and public transportation, transit ads are not easy to be replaced like people who easily change broadcast channels if they do not want to see or hear advertisements on TV / Radio. In addition, transit ads can attract the attention of many people because transit ads are often displayed with a creative and innovative display. Transit advertisements are also able to reach a broad target range and come from various audiences at one time. And transit ads can be installed in desired locations with the flexibility of display size required.


Transit Advertising

Transit ad “Canon – Asian Games 2018” by The Perfect Media


Here we describe the five benefits that you will get from using transit ads:


1) Audience Reach
If you place your product or service transit ads on sections on public transportation such as buses, then you will be able to target many target markets at one time. You can get lots of audiences starting from different backgrounds, certain demographic characteristics, and so on.


2) Cost
In transit advertising, the costs incurred depend on the needs of the advertiser. Usually, the price of a transit advert is influenced by the choice of advertising material, advertising media, location or route of public transportation to be advertised, as well as the number of transit ads posted. All can be adjusted as needed.


3) Audience Probability to See
As in the brief explanation before, transit ads cannot be ignored like advertisements on radio, television, print, etc. Your transit ad will always be present and visible around the general public on the move and doing daily travel.

So that these advertisements can continue to be seen by many people from various types of audience.


4) Impact of Transit Advertising
Advertisers can use transit advertisements to introduce their various products and services to the audience. Advertisers can inform what is being offered, where consumers can find the products and services they want, and how to access advertising providers.

Supported by a colorful and eye catching transit ad design display, transit ads will certainly be able to attract the attention of the audience. In fact, currently transit ads are having some of the latest innovations being developed, namely transit ads with a 3D display, semi-realist, as well as transit ads combined with augmented reality technology. Of course transit advertising can be a new advertising experience for both the audience and advertisers.


5) Frequency
The frequency or repetition of the appearance of an ad is an important factor that can increase the impact of ad effectiveness. Transit ads are able to maintain the influence of advertising constantly and make the advertiser’s brand, products, and services remain in the minds of the audience who see them optimally. The trip that is done almost every day by the audience both using buses and trains subconsciously will insert the effect of advertising for them if they often see advertisements posted. Not just a reminder of products and services when people are just traveling. Transit ads are also able to get the attention of audiences who are on the side of the road by looking at transit ads that are on the outside of the bus. Simply put, those are the five benefits that you will get if you use transit ads to help introduce your company’s brand, product or service. In addition to these five advantages, there are things you need to consider in placing transit ads. You should really pay attention to any designs made for displaying transit ads. Make sure the transit advertisements delivered must be able to be captured easily by the audience. The choice of bright colors, good typography, and coupled with the use of simple and straightforward messages can be a powerful way to create effective transit ad designs.

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