InsightsKualanamu Meraih Sertifikasi Sebagai Bandara Bintang 4 Skytrax

Kualanamu Meraih Sertifikasi Sebagai Bandara Bintang 4 Skytrax

Perfect Media Jakarta,


Currently Indonesia is quite proud because one of the airports managed by Angkasa Pura II – Namely Kualanamu Airport in Medan has received a 4-star Airport Certification for good service to passengers and visitors at Kualanamu Airport, which means this airport has become the best airport in Indonesia today.


The certification is given based on the assessment of Airline Quality Ranking   by Skytrax, an independent institution based in the United Kingdom that has been recognized for its competence in the field of international aviation.

Certification as a 3-star Airport was also awarded by Skytrax to Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta Airport.


Airline Quality Ranking used as a benchmark for assessment includes terminal facilities, terminal convenience, transit services, shopping areas, restaurants, cafes and bars, services and facilities for departing and arriving passengers, immigration services, security checks, and ground transportation related directly with consumers.



Regarding 4-star certification, other airports in the world that are in this group besides Kualanamu include Abu Dhabi International Airport, Barcelona El Prat Airport, Frankfurt Airport and London Heathrow Airport.


Kualanamu International Airport was inaugurated on 27 March 2014 and is the most modern airport in Indonesia today. The airport is equipped with sophisticated baggage handling facilities, namely integrated baggage handling screening system (IBHSS) with the highest level of security detection.


Another plus, Kualanamu Airport is the only airport in Indonesia that is integrated with the rail network to provide an alternative mode of transportation for visitors or airplane passengers

Perfect Media as the advertising manager at Kualanamu Airport also contributes in maintaining the quality, maintenance and appearance of commercial advertisements that are displayed as supporting facilities and beautifying the aesthetics of this Airport layout.


We invite all of you to advertise on Kualanamu , the Best Airport in Indonesia with our best services.


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