InsightsManfaat Menggunakan Airport Media Advertising

Manfaat Menggunakan Airport Media Advertising

Airport media advertising is a promotional media that is suitable for advancing the business that you are currently managing, whether a business that has just been pioneered or is already rapidly developing. Why airport media advertising and not others? because every day there are thousands of visitors to the airport with local and international flights. You can use airport media advertising for effective and efficient promotion methods. There are many potential customers who directly watch your ad. Furthermore, what are the details of the benefits if you use airport media advertising?


Airport media advertising provides potential indoor space to attract customers. Your ad will be posted offline in a large space of visitors, and is the focus of many people’s attention. Not only that, the ads posted in the indoor are able to target potential targets, the right target and will enter into a transaction with you. The advertisers really consider the advertising space, are able to target potential places, and are effective in attracting customers. Some of the media that are usually used to influence the success of indoor adverts at airports that you can choose as the right advertising media are:


  • The advertisement is installed using aluminum board which gives wow effect.
  • Banners that make your ad dominate the scene and attract attention
  • Light boxes to attract more attention
  • For long duration advertisements, you can use films
  • Logo with an image that will appear long enough and attract attention.


Like the transformation of one of our very attractive ad locations from stickers to lightbox in using airport media advertising:








Another advantage if you use airport media advertising is the effectiveness you get. Said to be effective because the mass reached is quite broad. Not only inside the airport, but also outside the airport according to the type of advertisement used. The parties at the airport are those who will depart on that day, or those who arrive on that day. In addition, visitors to various destinations at the airport will see the advertisements. You will get efficiency by using this media. You can choose what advertising media you use and what you will get from that media, you can negotiate in advance about the advertising media that you will use.


Advertising by using airport media advertising is more affordable if you have to advertise using electronic media such as television. With its effectiveness and efficiency, you only need to spend affordable capital for marketing your business.


Still confused about what advertising method is right for your business? You can take advantage of the airport media advertising method that has a variety of advantages above, such as our advertisements that really attract the attention of visitors, which will certainly add  value  to your advertising solution.



For the right choice of advertising solutions at the airport, don’t hesitate to contact The Perfect Media team now!


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