InsightsPerbandingan Menggunakan Iklan Display dan Iklan Billboard

Perbandingan Menggunakan Iklan Display dan Iklan Billboard

Some people look for examples of display advertisements as references for product or business promotion. Until now, advertising – in any format – is still considered an effective medium for introducing goods, services, and types of businesses to the wider community.


A growing variety of advertisements makes it easy for people to promote. From the small size such as display ads to large ones like billboards . Both types of advertising also survive amid the onslaught of online advertisements . So when compared, do the use of display ads and billboard ads have certain similarities?


Display Advertising
Display ads include the type of ad that has been used for a long time. The reason is that this advertisement is one of the three types of promotional media besides the row and column advertisements posted in newspapers. The messages included were all kinds of jobs, announcements, property, seminars, and condolences. However, display fish is more visual because it uses additional content such as images that support the delivery of content. The rate charged is also greater, because you use a space wider than the classifieds or columns.


If you have a budget that is large enough and requires maximum promotional media, display advertising is a promotional medium that should be considered. Choose images or photos that can attract attention of the target market and arrange the shortest and broadest description possible. This you can see from several examples of display advertisements in newspapers or magazines. Information that is disseminated is only important things that can connect the target with advertisers.


Advertising billboards
Different from display advertising , the first thing that often invites people to observe a billboard is its large size. One of the outdoor advertisements is indeed placed in strategic locations such as downtown to the edge of the toll road. Then, if the display fish is made of paper, billboards have more constituent materials. Call it wood, metal, fabric, plastic, glass, to fiberglass . Uniquely, in the modern era like now, you can use digital billboards and mobile billboards as a promotional medium.


In terms of usage, billboards do take longer to make and drain the budget more highly. Naturally, outdoor advertising is more often used by groups or collectives such as parties or large companies. The advantage compared to display ads is that the billboard is colored and contains more image / photo content. Only a few messages are displayed, especially if the billboard is about to be installed on the highway.


From the explanation above, you can draw the conclusion that, even though the size is much different, display ads and billboards both rely on visuals as supporting content. In addition, examples of display advertisements and billboards are easy to find because they are placed in the media or strategic locations.

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