InsightsMaksimalkan Strategi Bisnis Properti dengan Iklan Outdoor

Maksimalkan Strategi Bisnis Properti dengan Iklan Outdoor


In the span of the last few years, the trend of property business development in Indonesia continues to increase. According to Executive Director of Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) Ali Tranghanda, the market cycle and property investment climate will be more prospective in the second quarter of 2019. This is a serious challenge for developers to win market competition in order to get many consumers and investors. Preparation of property business strategies such as sales and marketing greatly affect the success of achieving targets.


Unlike other environments, airports are places where positive, passionate and receptive people meet with business ad exposure as part of travel. According to JCDecaux UK’s 2016 Global Enterprise Advertise, 80% of business travelers say that when they are at the airport, they feel excitement for the upcoming trip. This mindset makes it easy for business brands in the airport area to reach a high concentration of people who receive advertising messages. Their mindset is focused on upcoming business events so that, without realizing it, their minds are set to be open to the emergence of new business ideas at the time. 



Highest Value of Foreign Investment in Property in Indonesia in 2018 Source: Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

Highest Value of Foreign Investment in Property in Indonesia in 2018 Source: Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)


The Power of Premium Image of Kualanamu Airport in Medan to Increase the Reach of Business Promotion

Medan Kualanamu Airport is the second largest airport in Indonesia and a major hub in North Sumatra. In 2018, this international airport serves flights for almost 10.6 million passengers. With the opening of the new Bali-Medan-London flight route, inviting many European tourists to travel to Indonesia through this airport. Other international routes available at Kualanamu International Airport are Singapore, Hong Kong, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to solidify the property business strategy, well-known developers such as Podomoro and Reiz Condo chose Medan Kualanamu Airport as an effective and targeted location of property ad promotion.



The Giant Reiz Condo LED display at Kualanamu Airport Medan



People often associate airports with high-flying lifestyles. Therefore business brands that advertise in this environment will get an impression of premium prestige. Still according to a study from JCDecaux, it was recorded that about 85% of the audience would respond to messages from airport advertisements. During captivity in the Kualanamu Airport area of ​​Medan, the passengers will do a lot of activities in the same place while spending time waiting. They often consider attractive airport advertisements as entertainment and hope to see relevant messages.


Display Podomoro City Lightbox ad at Kualanamu Airport Medan

Podomoro City Wall-Sticker Display at Kualanamu Airport Medan


Medan Kualanamu Airport is an ideal location for campaigns with OOH media, especially to target domestic and international tourists. The airport’s premium image is further strengthened by the latest OOH media technology plus its digital capabilities. As a business brand, Podomoro and Reiz Condo can make interesting executions with messages that cannot be deleted. And the delivery of messages perfectly complements the high expectations of consumers and shopping behavior in this high-value environment. So that the strategic target of their property business in increasing audience awareness of property investment is achieved.


Display of Podomoro City Lightbox Ad at Kualanamu Airport Medan

Display of Podomoro City Lightbox Ad at Kualanamu Airport Medan


Want to make your property ad reach many potential customers? With The Perfect Media, you can promote premium advertising using OOH media in world class locations: Kualanamu Airport Medan, Soekarno-Hatta Airport, and Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport Palembang. Supported by various types of OOH media such as lightboxes, LCD screens, pillar lightboxes, billboards, and digital i-screens, your opportunities to execute creative airport advertisements are endless. Our creative team will make sure the ad attracts the attention of all passengers while in the airport area.

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