Indonesia OOH Advertising: An Overview

Indonesia OOH Advertising

As the largest and most populated country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has more than 13,500 islands across a 2 million square kilometers. The country is home to 250 million people who speak over 700 languages. Indonesia is also home to the largest population of Muslims in a country. 12.7% of the world’s Muslim population is located in Indonesia.


Indonesia is considered as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The density of its population is very high with more than half of the country living on the wealthy island of Java. Meanwhile, one-tenth of its population reside in greater Jakarta area. Indonesia also has a wide range of income. The GDP per person tops at $6,000 a year but also goes as low as $2,000.



The up and coming industries in Indonesia are in pharmaceuticals, energy sectors, ecommerce funding business travel, and mobile advertising. The year 2019 saw a breakthrough for Indonesia in terms of transit. The MRT commenced in 2019 and traveling by air has become an essential part of everyday life. Road and sea travel continue to be very congested.

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Indonesian companies are also going global. Tokopedia and OJEK are private start-up companies that have become very successful. Established brands like ABC-Heinz are also internationalizing thanks to mergers and acquisitions activities and rapid expansion.


Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital city with a population of 10 million people. Some important financial institutions located in this city are the Bank of Indonesia and the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Many multinational and Indonesian companies also operate in Jakarta. Boasting a rich culture full of diversity, Jakarta is filled with national historical, culinary, and cultural attractions that foreigners and migrants flock to. 


As of 2018, Jakarta’s total adspend amounted to US$3,023 million. Indonesia OOH represents 3% of the total adspend. TV medium still remains the most dominant with more than 16 national TV stations in Indonesia. There are also 93 magazine titles still active in Indonesia, though the numbers have since fallen from 116 magazine titles in 2016.

The key players of the Indonesia OOH industry are Rainbow, Prisma, Rajawali, Pixel, Insite, Perfect Media, Warna Wani, Nindotama, Bumee, and many others. These key players primarily focus on billboard advertising.


Back in 2016, there was little to no digital OOH but technological advancements have paved the way for the implementations of LED screens and removal of free-standing billboards. In 2018, the Asian Games and eCommerce industry contributed to the growth of OOH by more than 5%. 


Transit in Jakarta is emerging and OOH media at the MRT has been launched this 2019. Other transit options have also emerged such as Kommute, GoJek, and Grab. As an archipelago nation, Indonesia’s sea and air travel are still prominent since road transportation is unable to resolve itself. The city is envisioning for a Jakarta SMART city by integrating the use of information and communication technology services to solve traffic congestion, waste and pollution, and ensuring citizens’ health and safety. Through all of this, they are also attempting to build a cohesive and participative community.



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The key OOH media in Indonesia are static/static creative billboards, digital billboards, ports of call (airports), traditional transit (buses), hybrid + creative transit (motorbikes, LED mobile, taxis), and malls. The key players in the OOH industry for large format static and digital billboards are Warna Wani, Neonlit, Rainbow, Rajawali Advertising, Prisma, and others. For specialized media, MPI, The Perfect Media, and Pixel are the key players. For creative transit media, Adroady, Grab, and TransJakarta are in the lead.


The key areas for OOH advertising are at malls, commuter lines, airports, online taxis, MRTs and LRTs, and billboards at commercial and suburban areas in Jakarta. Since Jakarta deals with traffic congestion problems, online taxi, bus, and billboard advertisements are popular. Some notable OOH campaigns visible in Indonesia are by brands such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Gojek, Samsung, LG, Vivo, Oppo, Daikin, Le Mineral, and Fiesta.

The Perfect Media is one of the key players in the Indonesia OOH industry. Our company has partnered with brands such as Citibank, Hitachi, Accenture, and many others. The Perfect Media has spots in the most impactful of locations such as highways and airports in Indonesia.


You may check out The Perfect Media’s website for more information on our services, locations, and OOH insights.


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