Indrive Rebranding Featuring Massive Eye Catching Advertisements in Indonesia

Previously in Part 1

In our inDrive Part 1 Blog, we mentioned that inDrive, Indonesia, had rebranded their campaign in Jakarta and other major cities using The Perfect Media Outdoor Advertising.

Besides making users’ lives easier, ride-hailing apps like Gojek and Grab are frequently advertised as a source of employment. Drivers can earn any income they want from their car or rental car at any time and from any location thanks to the flexible working process.

In major cities, media placements include massive digital LED displays, mobile LEDs, and giant static billboards. Some are placed in high-traffic areas aimed at incoming passengers, such as Jakarta MRT stations which are Bundaran HI MRT Station, Bendungan Hilir MRT Station, Istora MRT Station, Kualanamu Medan Airport, and near Medan Railink Station, and the city center’s Main Road or Central Business District, which has heavy vehicle traffic. 


Furthermore, in several smaller cities on the island of Java, ranging from Madiun, Tegal, Pekalongan, and Mataram. With a different target market, local characteristics, and level of activity, the inDrive campaign was implemented through Digital LED Display and various static media branding. Media placement from mall atriums, billboards, Baliho, T-Banners, and signboards in congested areas like railway stations, shopping malls, traditional markets, and city centers. 


Now in Part 2

inDrive partnered with us, again, on another outdoor advertising campaign in late 2023. inDrive wants to spread awareness about its services throughout Indonesia’s medium and small cities to its target audience, so it uses outdoor advertising in strategic locations to convey these messages.

Their campaign goal is to encourage more use of their services by online transportation users and to raise brand awareness among the many options for online transportation services in Indonesia that were previously established.

Featuring their Massive Eye Catching Advertisements at Bandar Lampung city, this Creative inDrive Billboard is head-on unmissable media for all traffic and public transport users that pass by this Gantry Billboard. 

Bandar Lampung city is the capital and the largest city of the Indonesian province of Lampung. Located on the southern tip of Sumatra. 

Many tourists travel to Lampung Bay, 20 km south of the city center, to enjoy the calm beach and the soft pearly white sand at the White sand beach.

Another successful campaign done by The Perfect Media is in Sekupang and Batam Center International Ferry Terminal. Featuring Bank of Indonesia’s new QRIS Payment aboard.

To promote the campaign to use QRIS Payment abroad, targeting target users such as foreign tourists on vacation in Indonesia and local Indonesian tourists who will travel abroad, Bank Indonesia utilizes super strategic advertising sites located at crossing points between countries, which are the International Ferry Port and International Airport around the closest province to our neighborhood countries, which are very busy with tourists.

inDrive also did mall branding in Central Mall Bandar Lampung for more specific exposure to mall visitors. inDrive also emphasizes users choose drivers on their own and bid fair as it is inDrive’s app’s special feature.

After advertising in these prominent locations, inDrive had successfully established and made its presence in many of Indonesia’s medium and small cities like North of Sumatra, Medan, Semarang, Batam, Bandar Lampung and kept going to make more campaigns to other new cities every quarter along the year of 2023 during their spread of services.


But What makes inDrive so Special?

inDrive has created mobility solutions that enable choice while retaining a human element. Their platform allows drivers and riders to agree on the price, route, and other details for each ride between themselves


In early 2021, inDrive achieved unicorn status after closing a $150m investment round with Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Bond Capital, valuing the company at $1.23 billion. In 2023, inDrive raised $150 million from General Catalyst in an innovative hybrid instrument to boost growth, expand its offering, and invest in new verticals. 

inDrive is more than a taxi or courier app! Delivery, city, and intercity rides at fixed prices. They offer you your fare and choose the closest rides just for you

A great taxi alternative, InDrive, is a free ridesharing app available in more than 645 cities in 45 countries.

They first emerged as a taxi alternative — a rideshare app named inDriver where affordable rides for passengers would still mean well-paid rides for drivers. InDriver is considered one of Malaysia’s top 5 taxi ride-hailing apps besides Grab. An article by iqiglobal stated that inDriver Malaysia is ranked 3 of 5. Source

Another study showed that frequent flyers responded very well to airport advertising, with 80% paying attention to the ad and 42% taking action after seeing it. 

On average, airport passengers spend more than 50 minutes at the airport. With ad formats available across all terminals, there is plenty of time to send messages.


Here are some Campaigns TPM did in Indonesia airports:

AIR ASIA Campaign App at Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport

Air Asia is a travel and lifestyle app launched by Air Asia, this app completes AirAsia’s transformation from a digital airline into a comprehensive lifestyle platform for everyone.

Featuring their Lightboxes in rows at the Baggage claim area in the Bali International Arrival Hall, they convey messages and spread information to all arriving passengers in Indonesia.



GOTO is a multinational Unicorn Startup company based in Indonesia, a collaboration between Gojek and Tokopedia. Featuring their head-on advertisement right behind the Arrival Immigration counter that is unskippable and must-go spots of walkways heading to Custom check after immigration at Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport.


Is Indrive comparable with other top ride-hailing apps like Grab and Gojek?

Let’s take a look at the statistics:

inDrive will be the world’s fastest-growing global ride-hailing app in 2022. The app saw a 45% increase in downloads year-on-year, climbing from 42.6 million in 2021 to 61.8 million in 2022 to become the 2nd most downloaded ride-hailing app worldwide based on Google Play and App Store data.


Other Global ride-hailing apps are Uber with 106m Downloads, Bolt with 36.9m downloads, grab with 33.6m downloads, DiDi Mobility with 27.0m downloads, Ola Cabs with 24.9m downloads, Gojek with 23.6m downloads, Yandex. Go with 18.2m downloads, BlaBlaCar with 16.9m downloads, Lyft with 14m downloads, 99Taxis with 11.m downloads, Cabify with 7.36m downloads and lastly Careem with 6.96m downloads.


Number of ride-hailing and taxi users in Indonesia from 2019 to 2028

The number of users in the ‘Ride-hailing’ segment of the shared mobility market in Indonesia was forecast to continuously increase between 2024 and 2028 by 3.3 million users (+3.92 percent). After the ninth consecutive increasing year, the indicator is estimated to reach 87.45 million users and therefore reach a new peak in 2028.

Besides the large number of users of ride-hailing apps, there has also been a big increase in international tourists visiting Indonesia. 

Here are some must-have Fintech/Travel apps in Indonesia:


Dana is a digital wallet and financial services provider established in 2017 in Indonesia. It enables users to perform various transactions, such as sending money, paying bills, and making e-commerce transactions.

Merchants can easily onboard and benefit from wide integration options, as Dana supports the national QR Indonesia Standard (QRIS) network and the national open API payments standards (BI-SNAP).

Since launching its app in 2018, Dana boasts over 115 million users in Indonesia and averages over 10 million transactions per day. The majority of its users are Gen-Z and millennials.

Active users: 115 million


Ajaib is an Indonesian robo-advisor and investment platform that offers a user-friendly and accessible way for consumers to invest in the stock market and other financial products. It provides personalized investment portfolios, real-time market data, and a user-friendly interface.

Active users: around 4.22 million


Kredivo is an Indonesian fintech company offering a digital credit line to consumers for online shopping. Users can make purchases and pay later with flexible installment options. It assesses users’ creditworthiness in real time using advanced algorithms and provides instant approval or rejection.

Active users: around 7 million


OVO is a mobile wallet in Indonesia offering payment services, top-ups, bill payments, transfers, and cashback rewards. It is widely accepted and offers a user-friendly interface and secure platform.

Its popularity in Indonesia comes from its broad acceptance, attractive rewards, and seamless integration with merchants. The majority of its users are from Gen Z to millennials.

Active users: around 20.8 million


GoPay is a mobile wallet and payment platform in Indonesia that offers a range of financial services, including mobile top-ups, bill payments, and digital transfers. It also offers attractive rewards and promotions as well as encourages users to make more purchases through the app. GoPay also provides cashback rewards for users who purchase through the app. The majority of its users are Gen-Z and millennials.

Active users: 29.2 million

So, not only is advertising in Indonesian Malls and Airports a wise business decision, but it will also increase your brand’s awareness and visibility to numerous viewers from all over the world. Get in Touch with Us Now!

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