inDrive: Indonesia Rebranding Campaign in Jakarta and other Big Growing Cities with Outdoor Advertising

inDriver to enter Indonesia’s large online transportation market

Online transportation services and services are now more and more widespread in Indonesia. In addition to simplifying users’ lives, online taxi applications are indeed a place that often promises a lot of work. With a flexible working process, drivers can earn any income anytime and anywhere with their car or rental car. Indeed, there are two big names Grab and Gojek dominating the top market. However, InDriver is becoming a new name ready to compete in this potential field.

Originally, In-Driver was born in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia. The background was started by independent drivers through the Vkontakte network due to higher taxi fares in winter. In a relatively short period, many enthusiasts helped develop InDriver in 300 cities around the world. With the large population of Indonesia, the opportunities from InDriver Indonesia may tend to be able to highlight its quality. Consider that their target market needs everything that helps them reach their goals instantly and fast.

InDriver has successfully integrated with other leading online transportation applications on the international stage, offering a unique ability for passengers and drivers to negotiate the price of each trip. inDriver first entered Indonesia in 2019 with a pilot program in Medan. Within two years, inDriver expanded its operational reach to more than 50 cities and finally established a presence in Jakarta (including the Jabodetabek region).

inDriver is very happy to finally set foot in the capital. Jakarta has great business potential in this sector due to its large population in need of fast and convenient transportation services. InDriver’s online taxi service and online motorbike taxi are now available for those living in these areas. Two years ago, inDriver came to Indonesia with a mission to provide more affordable, accessible, and fair online transportation services. Since then, the response inDriver has received has been incredible.

There are approximately 15 million online transport users in the Jakarta metropolitan area. This means that inDriver has endless opportunities to continue to grow, develop and compete. This launch is an important step that not only enhances inDriver’s competitiveness but also confirms inDriver’s commitment to serving the needs of the Indonesian people for online transportation services.

As part of its commitment to its users, inDriver is constantly working on developing our applications, adding new features and services to improve the user experience while looking for ways to maximize opportunities at the right time. inDriver is growing very fast despite facing various obstacles due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This situation is affecting almost every industry around the world. Still, inDriver has performed great in 2021. The company completed its 1 billion rides worldwide in June, and in September inDriver surpassed its 100 million downloads worldwide on Android and iOS platforms.

Top Ridesharing & Taxi Apps Worldwide results from SensorTower

According to SensorTower, inDriver was ranked 6th among the top 10 ridesharing and taxi applications worldwide in September 2019, In the Google Play Store, the application was ranked 5th among the top 10 applications by other major companies. That great name guarantees an exceptional quality of service both to each driver and to users of all ridesharing applications and all online taxis.

Unlike most online transportation apps, inDriver gives users the freedom to set their travel preferences. With the “Real Time Deal” (RTD) feature, passengers first submit a price inquiry for their trip. Nearby drivers receive a request notification and can choose to accept the offer, ignore the request, or negotiate a price with the passenger to get a cheaper fare. inDriver also offers various security features such as a shared trip feature that allows the user to share her real-time GPS location with travel information from the app, and a security button that allows the user to connect directly to law enforcement in an emergency.

inDriver rebranding to inDrive and targeting various business segments in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most internet users in the world. As of January 2022, the country has 204.7 million internet users, according to a, We Are Social report. It increased by 1.03% from the previous year. In January 2021, the number of Internet users in Indonesia hit the 202.6 million mark. The trend in number of Internet users in Indonesia has continued to increase over the past five years. Compared to 2018, the number of internet users in the country is now up by 54.25%.

Meanwhile, Internet penetration in Indonesia will reach 73.7% of the total population in early 2022. Indonesia’s total population as of January 2022 is recorded to be 277.7 million. The government is expected to continue to help extend internet coverage to every corner of the country. Because in this digital era, the Internet helps people access information, both for education, business, and entertainment.

Director of Ride-Hailing (APAC) inDrive Roman Ermoshin explained the company rebranding in the SCBD area, Senayan, Jakarta | ANTARA

inDriver currently has about 600,000 driver-partners who use motorcycles and cars. The inDriver app has also been downloaded about 1.7 million times. Since its launch in Indonesia in 2019, inDrive is now deployed in approximately 50 cities. The application was used in 707 cities in 47 countries around the world.

inDriver has now rebranded to inDrive and is targeting to enter several new business areas, including fintech and payment system integration with local e-wallets. As a note that inDrive still uses a cash payment system for service fees. Therefore, the California-based company aims to attract many local e-wallet companies in Indonesia for domestic services in the future. This is all due to a larger market based on the ever-growing internet potential in Indonesia and the company hopes to explore more ways to meet local customer demand in the future.

inDriver Rebranding strategy through the 360 ​​Indonesia campaign with Outdoor Advertising

To carry out its rebranding strategy, increase brand awareness as well as strengthen its business network in Indonesia, inDrive has been launch their rebranding campaign in some of west, middle and east parts of Indonesia archipelagos,  InDrive branding campaign was created using Out-of-Home media because inDriver realized that Outdoor Advertising was one of the best methods to do if a brand wanted to expand into a bigger market such as in Indonesia.

Moreover, with the large number of islands and cities in this country. Of course, the branding of a newcomer company like inDrive, which will be recognized by the audience more quickly, is a branding that has exposure and its presence everywhere feels very close without coercion but also cannot be ignored. That’s where Outdoor Advertising excels that other advertising channels don’t have.

inDrive wants to invite long time users of online transportation services or internet users who haven’t used it yet, to try the inDrive application as the newest option with various advantages to support user flexibility and RTD features that other competing brands don’t have. The branding campaign called 360 Indonesia was run with The Perfect Media in several big cities, namely Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung and Manado. Media placement chosen in Big Cities such as Huge Digital LED Display, Mobile LED, and Giant Static Billboard. Some are Placed in several High Traffic area targeting incoming passengers such as at Jakarta MRTJ Stations, Kualanamu Medan Airport and near Medan Ralink Station, also at the city centre Main Road or Central Business District with a busy vehicles traffic. As well as in several smaller cities on the island of Java, starting from Madiun, Tegal, Pekalongan, to Mataram. With a different target market and local characteristic and different level of activity, InDrive campaign implemented by Digital LED Display and various static media branding. Media placement from malls atrium, Billboard, Baliho, T-Banner and signboard, near crowded area such as railway stations, shopping malls, traditional markets and city centre.


Outdoor media type: LED Videotron, 6m x 12m
Location: City Tower, Jakarta


Outdoor media type: LED Videotron, 6m x 12m
Location: Senayan GBK, Jl Asia Afrika Pintu 1, Jakarta


Outdoor media type: LED L-Shape, 2,9m x 4m
Location: Ciputra World Mall, Jl Dr Satrio, Kuningan, Jakarta


Outdoor media type: LED Digital display on Pillar Platform, 1m x 2m
Location: Blok M MRT Station, Jakarta
Outdoor media type: LED display 75”, 0,93m x 1,65m
Location: MRT Station – Senayan – Jakarta


Outdoor media type: Mobile LED, W 192cm x H 382cm
Location: Around Sudirman, Jakarta


Outdoor media type: Giant LED Videotron, 14,92m x 2,25m
Location: Departure Security Checkpoint, Kualanamu Medan Airport – Medan


Outdoor media type: Lightbox, 1,2m x 1,8m
Location: Arrival Meeting Point Area, Kualanamu Medan Airport, Medan


Outdoor media type: LED Videotron, 10m x 15m
Location: Manhattan Time Square – Jl Gatot Subroto, Medan


Outdoor media type: Billboard Frontlite, 10m x 5m
Location: JL Adityawarman, Near Surabaya Town Square – Surabaya


Outdoor media type: Billboard Frontlite, 5m x 10m
Location: JL Embong Malang, Near Masjid Tower – Surabaya


Outdoor media type: Billboard Frontlite, 12m x 6m
Location: Pasar Cikapundung, JL ABC – Bandung


Outdoor media type: Billboard Frontlite, 10m x 5m
Location: JL Moh. Toha – Bkr Junction Bandung


Outdoor media type: STATIC BILLBOARD, 10m x 5m
Location: Jl Sudirman, Hotel Travello, Manado


Outdoor media type: STATIC BILLBOARD, 10m x 5m
Location: Jl Wolter Monginsidi Bahu Mall (KFC), Manado

The location for advertising media placement also varies. For Big Cities Starting from the premium area within the airport, the airport exit area, LED Displays at the protocol street in city centre, Digital display inside the MRT Station, Campus and Shopping area until Static Billboards at High traffic roads.

Meanwhile campaigns in medium cities are executed more to static media outdoor placed in strategic spot such the mall atrium, pick up point, Railway stations, Billboard, Baliho and T-banners that spreads until town edges.  It is hoped that outdoor advertising media placed in these locations can reach potential users of inDrive online transportation services to the maximum. Through executing the Outdoor Advertising strategy from The Perfect Media in the 360 Indonesia campaign, inDrive can introduce their brand as a reliable provider of online transportation service applications in these big cities and expand application services to smaller cities – strengthening inDrive business network integrated with each other so that it can facilitate customers through one application.

Maximize Brand Awareness with Airport OOH Advertising, Digital and Static OOH Display

A Nielsen study found that frequent flyers responded very well to airport advertising, with 80% paying attention to the ad and 42% taking action after seeing the ad. Possible actions are visiting a website or researching a company’s products or services. Apart from that, advertising at the airport also helps to give the corporate brand a classy look.

On average, airport passengers spend more than 50 minutes at the airport. With ad formats available across all terminals, there is plenty of time to send messages. A third of a sample of passengers examined by Nielsen confirmed they had taken real action after being exposed to airport advertisements. Such as choosing to visit a website or use an app to find out more information about a product or service they see advertised at the airport.

Grab Airport Branding in SMB II Palembang International Airport
Gojek Airport Branding in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Airports provide many platforms to promote your business brand, such as neon boxes, LED Videotron, light boxes, light boxes, wall stickers, and videotrons. Never miss a passenger when they are in a hurry. For example, LCD displays allow corporate brands to display a variety of creative ad formats. Whether global brands like inDriver and Grab or local brands like Gojek have big plans, airports have great options. No other space offers such a diverse audience under conditions as receptive as an airport.

In addition to airports, advertising and branding can also be placed at outdoor points of high traffic daily for branding strategies to achieve maximum results. According to Nielsen, 90% of viewers are outside their homes seeing the ad, 66% reacted on their smartphone after seeing the ad.

Besides the LED Videotron, other commonly used OOH media are residential street signs, shopping malls, business districts, and highway signs on major highways. Billboards offer three essential benefits to your advertising plan. In other words, billboards can be very effective in informing a wider community at the same time (when branding is done in multiple locations), helping brands increase sales, promote new products and services, and reach out to the wider community or new potential customers in your target area.

Do you want to grow your business and advertise like inDrive but still don’t know the best advertising strategy and the best media partners? Don’t worry! Contact us today to discuss your advertising plans directly and get the best Outdoor Advertising Indonesia service offers only from The Perfect Media.



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