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Whether you operate an e-commerce site, provide online travel services, or are a large retailer, the ability to send and receive money is critical. Nium, a Singapore-based fintech company, created Instarem, the digital cross-border payments division, and has partnered with Mastercard to launch Amaze, enabling users to attach five other bank cards.


‘Amaze’ enables consumers to utilize the available credit on their associated credit cards. According to the press release, this means there will be no need for top-ups, and the card will have a higher transaction capacity than existing multi-currency cards on the market.


Why Is it So “Amaze”-ing?

Since the Amaze Card functions similarly to a virtual private network (VPN) for credit cards. It’s relatively straightforward – you may link your Instarem Amaze card to up to five Mastercard-issued credit or debit cards. There are no additional charges, and you do not need to wait for the card to appear in your mailbox. You can visit their website here:



At its heart, Instarem’s sole focus is on low-cost international money transfers. Below is all you need to know about its money transfer service, which can be accessed by mobile app or online.


  • Allows payouts in more than 50 countries
  • Allows for account-to-account payment over 270 corridors in real-time


By establishing direct relationships with financial institutions worldwide, Instarem eliminates many intermediaries, resulting in faster transfer times.


Furthermore, Instarem intends to expand the Amaze card’s reach soon to other Southeast Asian countries, so now, as travel and VTL open, Amaze card would be even more amazing as it can help you get away from paying wasteful foreign transaction fees for your overseas internet transactions. Although VPNs are somewhat in grey legal terrain. But the Instarem Amaze card is a perfectly valid mechanism, authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


Instarem advertises the Amaze Card as having Great FX rates, a rare instance of marketing exaggerating a product’s genuine benefit. Not only does the Amaze Card offer a favorable conversion rate on foreign currency transactions, but it also converts the foreign currency transaction into a Singapore dollar transaction. By utilizing the Amaze Card in conjunction with your preferred credit card, you save the currency fees charged by the majority of credit cards.


The Rise Of Virtual Credit Cards And Payment Gateways

The cashless payment system is rapidly developing as new payment methods, e-commerce, and broadband technologies emerge. Mobile wallets, peer-to-peer mobile payments, real-time payments, and cryptocurrencies are all revolutionizing cashless payment methods.


Cashless transactions are becoming more popular among all generations as digital peer-to-peer (P2P) programs become more appealing and convenient. At the checkout, in-app payments or tap-and-go transactions take seconds and allow customers to pay from anywhere. Safeguarding payments using tokenization, encryption, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are a few options accessible.


Additionally, consumers are not required to enter information each time the payment process is initiated. Thus, internet payment gateways contribute significantly to economic growth by facilitating trade in the modern economy. With social distancing laws in place, digital payments have become a requirement for contactless transactions rather than a transaction alternative for preventing coronavirus spread.


As smartphone and internet use increases, consumers are growing more tech-savvy, creating limitless prospects for the digital payment sectors. E-payment methods are expected to continue to thrive in the years following the pandemic. While cards continue to be the preferred payment method throughout the world, mobile wallets are rapidly gaining acceptance.


The traditional cash flow through bank branches and ATMs is dwindling, indicating a power shift toward a cashless society. Payments initiated via social media, biometric authentication, and voice activation are likely to soon become widespread in emerging countries, specifically in South East Asia, where the majority are underbanked, youth, tech-savvy and have been using micropayments for a long time. Countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and even Singapore are hotbeds for fintech to maximize their potential here.


Why Do Digital Services Need OOH To Create A Tangible Presence?

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) and programmable digital OOH (DOOH) advertising are causing a stir in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising market. Amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic in 2020, we noticed a massive increase in the use of DOOH, intensifying the need for publishers to improve their digital transformation plans and hunt for new and creative ways to retain ad spends during turbulent times.


The way people consume media in today’s smartphone-governed world is continuously evolving, and as mobile and digital media grow more saturated, Outdoor advertising can intercept users. It can cut through the clutter with smart data-driven planning and buying, allowing consumers to seek out relevant businesses via mobile. It is also a known fact that Outdoor Advertising done correctly triggers the search. And getting to the top of the search funnels to switch users of online shopping platforms, online services such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS – the cost of switching is so much higher for entrenched users!


In recent months, there is no surprise that even B2B platforms such as AWS, Xero is also taking advantage of the benefits of Outdoor Advertising to reinforce their brand presence in a tangible form. As online products and services do not have standard bricks-and-mortar shops and branches to visit, the after-sales services are conducted over online channels or over the phone. Misunderstandings and long wait times do happen, hence creating many online shops do create hybrid offline shops – on 30 Sept 2021, launched the “JD MALL” brand, the upgraded version of its E-Space omni-channel retail experience store. Other online platforms such as Love Bonito did the same with their flagship store at Funan in Singapore.


OOH has always been a creatively powerful experience. It can be bold, challenging, shocking, or enjoyable, prompting consumers to share their experiences or show support online, as well as to obtain information, products, or services right then and there. There are just so many online and offline O2O marketing tools and technology available here!


Outdoor Digital Screens and the Islandwide large format DOOH network

Instarem leveraged Mediacorp’s and TPM Outdoor’s joint largest network of outdoor digital LED screens in Singapore. There was widespread coverage of 11 malls during the initial two weeks of Instarem’s flash exposure. There was intense exposure seen everywhere. Throughout the country, crisp images with bold text and brand promises were presented. These malls were chosen for outdoor advertising due to being high-traffic areas. Some notable benefits of this powerful dOOH coverage in Singapore include


  • Prime positions for maximum reach to target audiences islandwide.
  • Targeted coverage in high traffic shopping malls
  • Over 1,500 Retailers across 11 sites
  • Estimated Footfall of 13.1mil per month
  • Target audiences: PMEBs, Young Adults, Adults, Students, Families.
  • Screens are located at high flow of traffic at major traffic junctions or high flow of commuters around the mall atriums or going towards the MRT stations, bus interchanges.


Malls That Displayed Digital Screens Were:

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