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Interesting Fountain Displays

Interesting Fountain Displays

Unique sites garner unique and creative executions such as the recent one we have completed at Marina Square, Singapore. This is a cascading fountain from the second floor to the ground floor and the display area would be seen from the ground floor. The water flow is also quite powerful, stimulating a strong rain fall or a good shower, so with such good conditions, the ideas came…


We completed one for Organics Shampoo several years ago before they re-branded into Sunsilk. Frequent wash, so the creative display had a constant “wash” effect on the display:



Recently, another one for Nippon Paint- “weather proofing your home” with a torrential rainfall over the entire house. Heh. Very creative and gives you a smile right? I am very admirable for the creative team who have came up with either ideas and TPM Outdoor Productions is happy to be part of the installation team to complete the idea:



BTW, the final MYOB installations took place at Jln Besar’s trivision and People’s Park Centre trivision. More installations coming up next, stay tuned!

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