International Champions Cup 2017 Part II

The International Champions Cup 2017 is halfway through its way in Singapore and the first match sure did not disappoint. Here’s what went down on 25 July 2017:


Chelsea FC vs. FC Bayern Munich (25 July 2017)

Tuesday’s brawl between Chelsea and Bayern left the 50,000 audiences jaw-dropped, with a stunning 2-3 scoreline. More details can be found in the links below.


Match Breakdown: TodayOnline

Full highlights:


FC Bayern Munich vs. FC Internazionale (27 July 2017)

Fans are all ready for the second match of ICC in Singapore, with both German and Italian titans clash right here in our National Stadium. Bayern and Inter fans, here’s what you can expect from the game, and from the stadium.


Match Forecast: Bleacher Report


What’s happening at the event:


Getting to the National Stadium…

With this global event at the National Stadium, getting there is sure to be a chore. Here are some tips for you to get to the match safely and enjoyably.


1. Be Kiasu

The very first step to ensuring that you get to the match on time is to possess this Singaporean trait – Kiasu.
Kiasu /ˈkiːəsuː/ – a grasping, selfish attitude. “I should have gone two hours earlier: the kiasu in me is growing”

To be kiasu in this situation is to plan your route early, prepare backup plans for traffic jams, wet weather, etc.

Nothing is worse than arriving late for the match and missing the first goal. As the saying goes: “Better late than never, but better kiasu than late!”


2. Be a Fanatic

There is no greater experience than to be all geared up and supporting your favourite team right in the stadium. Be sure to have lots of water at hand as you will be waving, screaming and shouting your team motto.


3. Be Entertained

The trip to and from the National Stadium can be a tiring one, with the long waits and a noisy crowd to squeeze in with. Keep a calm mind and prepare things to keep yourself entertained.


While using your phone or any mobile devices may be inconvenient due to the crowd, beat the boredom by looking out for outdoor advertisements! (Psst… we have one at Hotel Boss)


Outdoor advertisements are not just for advertisers to bring across their message, but for us daily commuters to appreciate the artwork. Staring at your mobile devices for too long is not good for you, especially when you’re moving in cars, buses or trains. Look far, look out for outdoor advertisements!


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