Jakarta Airport Advertising

Airports are always the first and last point of contact when you are traveling to another country; needless to say, it is also one of the key locations where advertisers would take their chance to aggressively market their product and brand.


Jakarta Airport is home to a number of advertisers, from the sponsors at the waiting area before the departure gates to the countless light boxes at the check-in counters, it would be hard to be not “intoxicated” by these brands that you see everywhere.


Jakarta Airport Human Traffic Flow

Accenture key Sites in Jakarta Airport


Jakarta Airport Accenture Lightbox Sites

Jakarta Airport Human Traffic Flow


Making use of the unique structure in Jakarta Airport, one of our clients, Accenture, managed to target all the travelers flying from the Star Alliance and Sky Team. By cleverly and strategically placing 2 of their advertisement at the check-in counters of the airport, they covered most of the check-in areas within the international airport and also reaching out to their customers.


Jakarta Airport Accenture Lightbox CCD-L2

Accenture site located at the end of Terminal 2D


Jakarta Airport Accenture Lightbox CCE-L5

Accenture site at the start of Terminal 2E


Similarly, Industrial and commercial Bank of China (ICBC), who wished to target the arrival passengers, booked with us the site that is right after the arrival counter of terminal 2D, targeting the passenger who arrives via the terminal. This site is prominently situated at the turn before the baggage claim area.


Jakarta Airport Arrival ICBC Lightbox 1

Jakarta Airport Arrival Terminal 2D ICBC


Jakarta Airport Arrival ICBC Lightbox 2

Jakarta Airport Arrival Termian 2D ICBC


What is interesting in Jakarta Airport are the few “out of the box” kind of advertising found in the airport. Located at the arrival of Terminal 2D, ICBC used what we call a “Concept Lightbox” placement to capture their esteem client. Making use of the space that we have, they manage to create a special space for their campaign which acts like a lounge for their clients.


Jakarta Airport Arrival ICBC Concept Lightbox 1

Jakarta Airport Concept Lightbox ICBC


Jakarta Airport Arrival ICBC Concept Lightbox 2

Jakarta Airport Concept Lightbox ICBC


With the amount of business travelers on the rise in Indonesia, we can also see a rise in number of B2B advertisers in the airport. Jakarta Airport also acts like a hub for travelers, who wish to fly domestically. After the recent APEC that was held in Bali, we are seeing a rise in number of advertisers in Indonesia.



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