Kirk! NFC me the Enterprise! – By Chris Ong

I have a confession to make, I am hooked onto the new Star Trek movie officially. I am no fan of the original series but ever since watching the new movie that was launched around 2 weeks ago, this reboot of the original franchise have been stuck in my mind since then.


As amazing as the new movie, I have notice that Paramount Pictures have also went a step further with their marketing effort of this new addition into the movie series. Teaming with contactless specialist Blue Bite and mobile marketing agency Joule, they have come out with a brilliant movie poster that can be interacted with the newest NFC technology.


The Communicator - Star Trek Poster

Showing off the new “communicator” 


The poster shows commander kirk holding what appears to be a communicator (seen in the movie). What’s interesting is this communicator works as a communication point between the poster and us, beaming us information for the movies into our mobile devices using the NFC technology. As simple and amazing as this seems, this greatly enhance the interaction between the static poster and targeted audience. Even without the NFC, the poster works as great medium / channel for advertising of movies. As if we need more prove, with research showing more than 70% of US adults notice outdoor advertising and 40% saying OOH media promotes them to visit a store or watch a TV programme.


Greg Crockart, co-president, Joule, mentioned: “Star Trek represented the perfect title for us to launch an NFC enabled campaign. The high tech feel of ‘Scanning’ an NFC chip combined perfected with he star Trek brand.”


Before I sign off, I want to share another interesting advertisement which hitched a ride with the Enterprise which feature no other than Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Spock (Zachary Quinto).

So, if you may pardon me, I have a planet to go explore. “KIRK! Beam me up to the Enterprise!”


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