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Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene

As part of the ASEAN group of countries, one of the smaller but fastest growing is Laos. It is often overlooked against its neighbouring giant, Thailand and its landlocked nature is limiting in nature but Laos is also known as the Land of Ample Opportunities and Success. According to ASEAN UP – here are some interesting infographics of Laos against the rest of ASEAN. With a total GPD of about $16billion, it is one of the small ASEAN economies but perhaps with the most undermined potential


Since 2008 to 2012, its economy has been growing at 7% and now at more 8%. Some industries that are particularly attractive are in hydropower, mining, logging, agriculture and tourism. Notable companies in Laos include several electricity companies, Laos Beer, Laos Airlines, Laos Dao Coffee.

Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene Lao Beer Factory Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene Lao Beer

Key cities are its capital city Vientiane and UNESCO World Heritage Site – town Luang Prabang. A special note about Luang Prabang, this former kingdom is located 700 metres above sea level and this town attracts millions of tourists as it has both natural and historical sites incl over 30 temples.

Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene Vientiane Tourist Spot Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene UNESCO World Heritage Site Town Luang Prabang

Laos has one of the most restrictive media environments in the world. According to Wikipedia, there is about 24 regularly printed newspapers in Laos and all of them are government affiliated. In terms of Outdoor Advertising, there are several billboard media owners, but the number of locations as well as sizes for the Outdoor Advertising in Laos is also limited. Popular places for billboards in Laos.

Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene 01 Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene Thai – Lao Friendship Bridge

Vientiane include the airport advertising in the newly renovated international and domestic airport terminal, wholesale markets such as the Talat Sao Morning Market. Billboards in the city are quite limited even along main roads like Ave Lane Xang. However, there are a number of large size billboards along the Thai – Lao Friendship Bridge nearest to Vientiane. In fact, that there are 4 Thai Laos friendship bridges per date. As a matter of fact, much of the goods sold in Laos is also sourced from Thailand which explains the heavy traffic between Laos and Thailand.

Some of the work that The Perfect Media group has done in Laos has been since 2015 with clients from Vietnam Airlines, VISA credit card in the airports. Recently B2B clients such as the China Yiwu International Commodities Fair is also targeting multiple airport around the world including Laos Vientiane airport and other countries like Indonesia, Philippines etc for airport advertising to reach growing businesses in these emerging markets.

Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene Yiwu Laos International Airport Laos Outdoor Advertising Scene Yiwu Vietnam Airlines Laos International Airport 02   

Visa Wattay International Airport Outdoor Advertising Laos Visa Laos Outdoor Advertising Wattay International Airport 02 

Vietnam Airlines Laos Outdoor Advertising Wattay International Airport 01 Vietnam Airlines Laos Outdoor Advertising Wattay International Airport 02

Advertisers looking to target this up and coming market in Laos can see outdoor advertising to reach the masses quickly thanks to the compact city centre. As for other traditional media channels in Laos, an interesting fact is that nearly all Lao who own televisions watch Thai advertisements, thus a good reputation and strong advertising campaign in Thailand will likely have a positive effect on Lao consumers as well. Despite the low Internet penetration, advertisers can also use social media and popular websites too. Perfect Media has the job references and experience to boost ASEAN outdoor advertising, billboard and airport advertising including in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia

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