Branding Strategy with OOH Advertising to Local Communities in Singapore

Happy Deepavali in Singapore

Living in a multicultural and multiethnic country like Singapore means being exposed to a diverse range of cultures and races. As is usually stated, Singapore is a melting pot of many distinct identities, and we are fortunate to have people from so many diverse backgrounds living among us.

Deepavali will be celebrated on Monday, 24 October in 2022! And while many of us may be looking forward to a day of rest on this public holiday, you may be unaware of the flurry of excitement and celebration that has been going on in the homes of the Indian community, or rather, the flurry that has been going on for days in the lead up to this day.

Many Indians from other countries work in Singapore, both as ex-pats in senior leadership positions at the C-suite level and also heavily in IT-related work such as software developers, computer network engineers, computer user support specialists, IT project managers, computer systems analysts. Another group could be in medical-related fields such as dermatology, diagnostic radiology, consultancy, and also not forgetting many migrant blue-collar workers in landscaping, construction, and other fields at various degrees of responsibility. All of these are incredibly significant to the Singapore economy.

Between 2005 and 2020, the share of Indian professionals in Singapore has more than doubled, rising from 13 percent to 26 percent, demonstrating that the increase in their numbers is due to a global trend in the region’s demand and supply for technical talent.

M1 Rebranding

A new brand strategy for M1 has been launched. The firm promises to provide a more personalized client experience and services more closely aligned with its parent company, Keppel. The decision comes nearly two years after the Singapore telecommunications company delisted from the stock exchange and transitioned to a new technology that runs 90 percent of its operations in the cloud.

According to business CEO Manjot Singh Mann, who spoke with local media, the move was part of a broader set of digital transformation steps meant to assist M1 transition from a pure mobile operator to a more comprehensive technology supplier in the future. He advocated for the “brand refresh” as a strategy to “revolutionize” communications in Singapore by providing “made to measure” solutions and responding to quick variations in customer behavior as well as increased demand for service personalization and customization.

It necessitated a substantial amount of transformation on M1’s part, including a transition to a new digital technology stack that now runs 90 percent of its operations in the cloud, compared to 12 percent previously, and the consolidation of its apps to 30 from 150 in the past. It also reduced the number of databases from more than 200 to a single consolidated data lake.

Strategic location for Billboard Advertising

M1’s rebranding efforts are made in collaboration with international media and creative agencies for media execution and design of the rebranding. M1 recently launched a campaign titled “Be.” The campaign aims to serve as an ode to seven unique Singaporeans who dared to embrace their individuality, following their paths and passions. To promote the campaign, M1 has developed a “stunning TVC” based on the stories of seven unique individuals, which will be running across various media in Singapore, including the main TV channels. With TPM Outdoor, M1 chose to use our large format static Out-Of-Home billboards at Mustafa and Centurium Square and the LED digital billboards and LED screens at People’s Park Complex.

M1 Rebranding with Static Out-of-Home Billboard at Centurium Square, Singapore

M1 Rebranding with Static Out-of-Home Billboard at Centurium Square, Singapore

M1 Rebranding with Static Out-of-Home Billboard at Centurium Square, Singapore

M1 Rebranding with Static Out-of-Home Billboard at Centurium Square during Deepavali celebration, Singapore

Centurium Square is one of the strategic positions chosen to take advantage of the rebranding campaign’s timing and other factors. Located just one minute away from Farrer Park MRT station, next to the Park Royal Hotel and Farrer Hospital, this is a prime location along Serangoon Road. Centurium Square is The Perfect Media Group’s most recent new advertising site. With its bold, vibrant, contemporary design, Centrium Square is an award-winning mixed development by the Tong Eng Group with office spaces, modern medical suites all complemented by attractive shops and restaurants. Some latest tenants include gym and law offices too.

Another icon of Little India Singapore is the Mustafa shopping mall which is well-known in Singapore and worldwide 🙂 Even though it is not a tourist attraction that is promoted by the Singapore Tourism Board, many tourists have made this location a MUST VISIT when in Singapore. Both local Singaporeans and ex-pats frequent this unique shopping mall for both European chocolates and goodies as well as Indian fruits, spices, cooking condiments, and sweet desserts and delights. M1 also deployed a series of pillar sticker displays to provide eye-level exposure to the shoppers here during the Diwali period.

M1 Rebranding with Pillar Sticker Displays at Little India, Singapore
M1 Rebranding with Pillar Sticker Displays at Little India, Singapore
M1 Rebranding with Pillar Sticker Displays at Little India, Singapore
M1 Rebranding with Pillar Sticker Displays at Little India, Singapore

M1 Rebranding with Pillar Sticker Displays at Mustafa Center, Singapore

But Little India is not the only ethnic location that is popular with the telco target audience. There is a large captive audience in the Chinatown area too, especially with Chinese New Year upcoming. At People’s Park Complex many people are moving between the MRT, shopping malls and the food court. Some individuals come here 2-3 times a day, while others just come on special events or weekends to enjoy their foot massage or use remittance services like Western Union and Zhongguo Remittance to send money to their homeland like China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and many more.

M1 Rebranding with LED Screen and Digital Billboard at People's Park Complex, Singapore
M1 Rebranding with LED Screen and Digital Billboard at People’s Park Complex, Singapore
M1 Rebranding with LED Screen and Digital Billboard at People's Park Complex, Singapore
M1 Rebranding with LED Screen and Digital Billboard at People’s Park Complex, Singapore

In Singapore, incumbent telecommunications companies like Singtel and Starhub and newcomers such as TPG are offering competitive services. Short-term guerrilla marketing was also used by Circles Life to capture the attention of potential customers. However, more Mobile Virtual Operators (MVO), such as Zero1, Gomo, Redone, etc are also emerging and are creating various product differentiation and brand segmentation, creating advertising as frequent reminders for consumers to switch telco providers.

OOH for Telcos

OOH, outdoor advertisements engage passers-by, shoppers, commuters, car drivers, and transit passengers in an unexpected way, which ultimately leads to people making dramatic judgments and driving them to stores to complete the intended purchase.

To differentiate itself from competitors in the same industry, a brand should emphasize its points of differentiation (PODs), the product’s features that are relatively unique and distinct from those offered by competitors in the same sector. This is critical to maintain a competitive advantage in the market and increase consumer loyalty by demonstrating to each customer that the firm provides the best service for their requirements. OOH, advertisements can draw attention to the Unique Selling Point (USP) and bring the company’s benefits to the forefront.

For telecommunications companies Like M1, more efforts must be made to stand out in the competitive market. M1 already uses out-of-home advertisements innovatively and creatively, utilizing the most up-to-date technology available in the industry to demonstrate the advancement of their services and hook the audience by conveying an impression of dependability and superiority. Furthermore, good advertising immediately distinguishes the brand from the competition and assists telecom brands in persuading customers of competing telecom companies to switch!

When it comes to telco companies being competitive, there has never been a time when it was more important. Consolidation news, the rise of cord-cutting, and ground-breaking technical breakthroughs have all contributed to this situation. In this fragmented media world, strategic brand messaging in targeted outdoor advertisements helps to reinforce value, stability, and awareness.

The Perfect Media – Great Location, Creative Team, and Engaging Billboard

Perfect Media is the answer to all of your outdoor advertising needs. It is the solution for you whether you need to promote a product, invite new customers, or grow your business.

The Perfect Media has years of experience and knowledge in outdoor advertising and knows the tricks of the trade. To engage and attract customers, it takes advantage of its excellent billboard location. A creative team works diligently to invent and design need-specific billboards for any product, service, or company.

The Perfect Media offers fully tailored outdoor advertising services to meet your specific requirements. With The Perfect Media, you can communicate, discuss, and share your concept for a billboard that reflects the soul of your business or service. It has a long list of happy customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Advertisements done effectively can increase your consumer base and provide you with long-term benefits. Today, ask them how!



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