The Long Awaited Update in BCA Guidelines for Outdoor Advertising!

The Building Construction Authority (BCA) is the key authority governing outdoor advertisements in Singapore. As their name implies, their jurisdiction is mainly focused on the building-related large format, shop signage and banner displays. Not as much for the transit and street-furniture forms of displays. But looking at the high difference of vibrancy between the transit ambient displays vs. the building large format and neon displays in Singapore, we wonder if the difference in governing bodies has any effect on this observation?


Anyway, the long awaited update in BCA guidelines for outdoor advertising has finally been revealed on their website on 18 Mar 2008!


Ever since I joined this industry, more than 2 years ago, we have been heavily hinted upon that there will be an update of BCA guidelines. We had always assumed that these updates will boostler the industry, especially, with the upcoming F1 races and two Integrated Resorts (IR) development in 2008, and 2010 respectively. We heard nothing official until now…


But please don’t get your hopes up, like me… Ouch…!


Some new updated guidelines esp. for displays in the Central Area incl –

* “The key promotional message and name / details of the event must be the predominant component of the sign and the supporting graphics / pictures are not to exceed 50% of the size of the sign.” [[The previous ruling was for the promotional message to be at least 20% of the size of the sign, now it is at least 50%…]]


* The maximum display period for each temporary (banner) sign is two calendar months. There is to be a minimum period of two weeks before the display of a replacement sign. [[ The previous ruling was for 3 months….]]


There’s more than the above highlights, I will not comment further except maybe to weep in the corner of my office for a while. DO NOT TAKE MY COMMENTS/ BLOG AS THE LAWFUL GUIDELINES, please get direct details from the BCA website and consult directly with the BCA officer at Level 2 of the MND Building along Maxwell Road for a better means of compliance with the new guidelines.


Good luck everyone!



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