McDonald’s Use of Directional Signs in OOH Media

Use of Directional Signs

One of the best billboards or Outdoor Advertising use is a Directional Sign. A giant directional sign on a billboard is one of the best call-to-action that is closest to the call for action at the shop-front or where the target audience will pass through. So, the closest McDonald’s to be found near People’s Park Complex area from Chinatown MRT Exit C is actually not only just a stone’s throw from the MRT exit but a reminder like this advertising will give many passing through a simple nudge to patronize McDonald’s.


McDonald's Billboard at People's Park Complex
McDonald’s Billboard at People’s Park Complex


So with just a simple Outdoor Advertisement that points to your shop will give a better Return-of-Investment (ROI) instead of using a flyer distributor which is a negative projection since many people will try to avoid it all all cost in Singapore!


McDonald’s has been famous in the use of outdoor advertising for directions to their nearest outlets which are usually within a 5 min drive or walk. We had featured how McDonald’s and Burger King even went to “war” to give directions to competing outlets within the same stretch! Read about it here.


McDonald's vs Burger King


The latest one for 2019 that is hitting the advertising scene by TBWA for McDonald’s France has combined McDonald’s favorite themes: Fries and directional signs for Outdoor Advertising. McDonald’s created a series of out-of-Home ads that direct drivers to its restaurants using a trail of fries. They have created 64 variants of the campaign that it can roll out at relevant sites. They include prompts like ‘Turn Left’ to the infinitely more complicated ‘2nd exit at the roundabout’ and are available to run on billboards in eight colors. The design is simple, clear and pays tribute to the minimalist art movement. What yummier way to get there?


The Drum McDonald's France Billboards Fries Exit at the Third Roundabout

Other usage of Fries in MacDonald’s advertising is Wi-Fries in 2009 by DDB in 2009.


McDonald's Wi-Fries by DDB Australia


According to the Drum, this is not the first time that McDonald’s has been playing with its identity to lead drivers to its stores using out-of-home advertising.


In 2018 it used its famous golden arches to direct commuters into its restaurants, by sharing bits of its famous golden arches upon select outdoor ad buys. The stunt was restricted to four billboards, (three static and one digital) across Toronto. Read more here.



Read other interesting McDonald’s Out of Home Advertising:

McDonald’s Billboard Images Making Waves in Social Media

McDonald’s Billboard Showing Images Depicting Malaysia’s Landmarks Making Waves in Social Media


TPM Outdoor clients have also use our billboards to direct customers to their shops using directional arrows with the shop unit numbers on the outdoor advertising. Some even create a “roadmap” to make the turning more intuitive such as for Brighton Furniture along the Sims Avenue in Singapore toward their Lorong 23 showroom.


McDonald's - Brighton Billboard with Directional Sign at Sims Ave
Brighton Billboard with Directional Sign at Sims Ave


A well position billboard or outdoor advertising pointing towards your shop or showroom can drive more traffic than using a flyer distributor or other mass means as many target audience can get close to your shop but actually never finding it. Talk about so close yet so far! Let TPM Outdoor advertising work for you.



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