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What Is OOH

Today’s Out of Home (OOH) refers to any media that is not traditionally consumed in a home environment. It is a dynamic mix of billboards, digital displays, transit, street furniture, cinema, and place-based media that surround and consumers are immersed in during the 70% of their time spent outside of their home daily.

About The Perfectmedia

The Perfect Media has evaluated and managed the Out of Home (OOH) for many venues in Singapore including malls, sports complexes, facilities, locations, and non-commercial spaces.

As a professional media owner, we evaluate and scout good outdoor locations on the behalf of our partners. Our services are designed to adaptand are altered to suit advertisers with different budgets, environments and targets accordingly. This includes small to medium-sized ad agencies and advertisers who do not have their own production department.

Currently, The Perfect Media is working with 12 landlords across Singapore to help improve their outdoor advertising value. The landlords that we work with within Singapore include long-term licensee agreements with Queensway Shopping Centre, People’s Park Complex, Mustafa, and Worldwide Hotel Group (Hotel 81 and Hotel Boss). Other ad-hoc licensees are through the Mapletree Commercial, Capitaland, and Frasers Centrepoint Malls.

However, it has come to our attention that there still exist numerous spaces that are left utilised without being optimised. This arises due to inadequate planning and the lack of experience of tenants leading to unwanted spaces. Therefore, we have established our media consulting service to aid companies in reaching and achieving greater heights.

Our Media Consulting Services will cover areas such as vision planning, business development, site identification, ROI investigation, and licensing of billboard locations. We will leverage our expertise and wealth of experience to provide clients with exceptional service, hence, allowing them to establish their significance in their market through outdoor advertising.

With these capacities, our Media Consulting Services is here to assist all types of advertising and branding media needs with the highest level of client service.


It is our utmost priority to optimise the value of the businesses of each
client, enhance the saleability of their spaces and elevate their position in their respective market.

While taking into account the unique circumstances of each client, we work
hand-in-hand with each client to produce a carefully altered customised
business solution for them.

Our scope of services will fall into 6 main categories

  1. Management of space through site identification
  2. Revenue-generation through existing and the creation of new OOH media
  3. Recommendations for further development of business
  4. CSR centric Fabrication and Maintenance of OOH Media
  5. Provisions of support on the management of corresponding taxes and

Our Service

Strategic Space Management: Site Identification

The management of a client’s physical space inventory is crucial in achieving optimum utilisation of assets. An improvement in space efficiency will enable us to reduce vacant spaces and generate revenue using these space assets. Understanding the potential for media spaces and targeted site identification requires a detailed understanding of the OOH industry. The Perfect Media provides consultancy services catering to organisations as well as single-site assets and speculative developments. These services will aid our clients in unlocking the potential of their spaces through strategic space management and site identification.

Revenue Generation: Billboard, LED Display and Media Out of Home Development

Revenue Generation is one of the most important activities any business can engage in. While your business may plan to utilise a new OOH media in your strategic location, steps towards increasing the salesability of these mediums are often challenging and complex with no prior knowledge. Our media consulting services can cover these needs in a one stop media solution. Prioritizing creativity and experience in the world of Out-of-Home advertising, we will support your media plan by providing complete consulting services, from site placement planning, cost planning, media kits, to the completion of Out-of-Home media production. So you will get a complete visualization of how the ads on your new Out-of-Home media will look. Having supported numerous clients, we have developed a range of tools for clients to create additional income opportunities from existing and potential advertising spaces.

Business development

Having a wealth of knowledge on the current OOH market is essential when it concerns the creation of long-term value for businesses. Effective target opportunities need to be generated and worked towards for efficient growth. The Perfect Media has carefully curated a list of tools to aid businesses in looking for a clear desirable goal to work towards.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Perfect Media is an active advocate for self-regulating business
models that help companies be socially accountable to themselves, their
stakeholders, and the public. The areas of focus for our CSR goal will

    1. Provision of cradle to grave locations
    2. Production of environmentally friendly products
    3. Creation of evergreen and timeless media

Company Branding Media Production - Fabrication and Maintenance

Through Media Consulting Services, The Perfect Media has a track record
of creating innovative products that are targeted at developing the site’s
recognition among visitors as well as growing its value of advertising
among advertisers. Our basic products include media such as signage,
lightbox, mural, glass door signage, channel lettering, and totem sign/pylon sign
. These are widely used at numerous locations all over the
world. More innovative ideas will include media such as Instagram booths
as well as iconic meeting points or signages.

Management of Taxes and Licenses; Due Diligence of Advertising Placements

Without prior knowledge of the OOH market, it can be a hassle to settle administration for licence matters. Having taken that into account, The Perfect Media’s consultancy service has included the settling tax administration and advertisement placement licensing for clients that do not wish to deal with numerous burdensome licensing flows. Having a good track record of working with local authorities, local government and other public sector managers, the continuity of placing outdoor media in locations of your choice without having to worry about licensing issues in the future is ensured Clients are better able to utilise the time saved by entrusting their outdoor media licensing needs to our professional services.

To ensure that your media branding continues to operate properly without being constrained by problems such as electricity and declining display quality.


Our consultancy service is open to any business looking for a
comprehensive solution for their OOH and is not limited to the borders of
Singapore. With a thorough analysis of the situation and environment of
each business, we take on every case with a highly tailored approach. The
Perfect Media group has established presence in numerous countries
such as. Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and many other countries.


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