Insights Media Solution in Kualanamu Airport
Media Solution in Kualanamu Airport

Media Solution in Kualanamu Airport

Media Solution in Kualanamu Airport


Medan’s Kualanamu Airport is known as a 4-star airport rated by Skytrax, not to mention the second largest airport in Indonesia after Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport. It was also ranked by Skytrax as the 10th world’s best regional airport across Asia in 2015. Isn’t that awesome?!



Equipped with the most advanced technology, the Integrated Baggage Handling Screening System (IBHSS) enables the baggage claim in Kualanamu Airport to produce and integrate systems for security screening, storage, sorting and transportation of departure baggage from check-in to departure gate, as well as transportation of transfer and arrival baggage. In addition to that, Kualanamu Airport has a direct train service with a train station connected to the airport.


As the only 4-star airport in Indonesia that has a direct train service, it has increased the potential of getting your brand known in Kualanamu Airport, Medan. This airport is an effective medium to promote your brand and create a media solution as this location is always packed with people who want to travel to various cities or countries, including visitors.


TPM Outdoor is a trusted media solution that has 20 years of experience and we choose to create innovative brand at Kualanamu Airport. It is a very good opportunity to advertise in Kualanamu International Airport as it is one of major airports in Indonesia. For this particular reason, here is the LED Unipole, our newly developed site in this Airport:



These 4 LED screens are strategically located as they’re surrounded by stores and are in between of the Security Check Point and Check-in Counters. 100% pass through as all the passengers are going towards the Security Check Point.


Advertising with us at this prime location will ensure that your brand gets noticed easily. This is because of its size, that passengers who pass by the location are able to see your advertisement immediately. Apart from that, there is a high dwell time around this area as all the passengers are queuing at Check-in Counter and Security Check Point.


Aren’t they just captivating? Drop us a call at 62730556 and learn more about our new sites in one of the biggest airports in Indonesia, Kualanamu International Airport!

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