Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore and Useful Tips for Advertiser


The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner!


Held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar – or this year on September 21, 2021 – the Mid Autumn Festival traditionally marks and celebrates the end of the Autumn harvest. Many countries in the world will celebrate this festival including Singapore.


In addition to enjoying special foods such as mooncakes with your family, you can enjoy the atmosphere of this festival more in the Chinatown area. Where we can watch the special Mid Autumn Festival lanterns along New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street, and South Bridge Road will be decorated with carved lanterns from 7 September to 5 October 2021. The streets will be lit from 19:00 to 12:00 daily if you want to enjoy a nice stroll after dinner with your family and loved ones. This lantern lighting will last for a month so there is no need to rush and remember to keep a health and safety protocol from other people when enjoying the lanterns.


Although there will be no walking lantern parade, live show, or bazaar this year, there are still many interesting programs for you to join after enjoying the beautiful lanterns. Starting from online mooncake making workshops, 360 virtual tours, and other online events that can be directly accessed on Chinatown Festivals website.


Golden Opportunity to Advertise during Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore

Annual celebrations such as the Mid Autumn Festival provide an opportunity for marketers and advertisers to connect with consumers and the public. There are many ways to do it. Starting from sending greetings on Facebook and Twitter, discounts and special price offers, to advertising lively through outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is a way of advertising that can give you more exposure and results if executed properly. Here are some advertising tips with outdoor ads during the Mid Autumn Festival:


Advertise in the Most Festive and Crowded Locations

Since Chinatown is the highlight of this festive season, advertising there will be very effective. The traditional decorations that liven up the streets are guaranteed to captivate the eyes of many people and excite the audience around the location, including directing their attention to the advertising displays that are there. Take a look at how our latest client, Poh Heng ad stands out among its many jewellery business competitors in the area. 


Poh Heng ad with frontlit display in Chinatown (The Perfect Media)
Poh Heng ad with frontlit display in Chinatown (The Perfect Media)


Poh Heng ad with frontlit display in Chinatown (The Perfect Media)
Poh Heng ad with frontlit display in Chinatown (The Perfect Media)


Chinatown will still have huge attention even though there are not as many people present at the location as before the pandemic. Since this event also takes place virtually on social media as well as being covered by news media, the opportunity for advertisers’ messages remain large to reach many audiences through their gadget screens from home.


Know your audience

It’s important to know your audience before placing an ad. To advertise the special Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore, the demographic that is prioritized is the Chinese community who respects tradition, likes mooncakes, lanterns, and all knick-knacks related to the Mid Autumn Festival.


If your business’s products or services cater to the needs and interests of this demographic, then plan your advertising and engage your audience now. Coupled with ad placement in the right locations, you can expect greater ROI by leveraging momentum. See how our client, Hokchua Tonic advertises to  targeted audiences in People’s Park Complex with heavy pedestrian movement from Chinatown MRT and bus stop.


Hokchua Tonic ad with trivision display in People's Park Complex (The Perfect Media)
Hokchua Tonic ad with trivision display in People’s Park Complex (The Perfect Media)


Be part of the current audience’s interest

Creative advertising campaigns and displays are indeed important in winning your brand from the competition. But the physical presence of your ad with billboards and other ubiquitous OOH media is equally important.


Billboards and OOH media cannot be shifted, replaced or ignored by the audience. Display ads that look repetitive and high-frequency, help your brand to be more easily remembered by the audience and affect their perception also buying interest. Placing your brand to stand out as part of the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations in Singapore can increase brand awareness and audience engagement through outdoor advertising.


The Perfect Media, your best outdoor advertising partner

With The Perfect Media, you will have advertising access to a number of large displays of billboards and other types of OOH media placed in key high-traffic locations in Singapore. We are the best in providing outdoor advertising and marketing needs for all businesses.


Want to advertise during Mid Autumn Festival 2021 in Singapore? Or maybe you’ve missed it and are planning to advertise in the next festive seasons: Deepavali, Christmas and the upcoming New Year, where the advertising opportunities will be high too? Make sure you don’t miss the best moments to advertise and contact The Perfect Media here.



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