Out-of-Home Advertising During Mid-Autumn Festival and Various Holidays

Advertising During Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is here once again. This means festivities and celebrations are all over Singapore to celebrate the end of autumn harvest.


Lights and decorations during the Mid-Autumn Festival
Lights and decorations during the Mid-Autumn Festival


The most festive and exciting area during this period is in Chinatown. The streets come alive with colorful and brightly-lit traditional lanterns. Dazzling decorations are also found along the stretch of roads. The official Street Light-up of Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 kick starts with an exciting line-up of a dragon dance performance and multicultural song. There are also spectacular dance performances by local and overseas troupes. Throngs of people consisting of locals and tourists will be soaking in the festivities and celebrations. More than 300 stalls are offering treats such as mooncakes, handicrafts, teas, lanterns, and more.



Annual events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival are an opportunity for marketers and advertisers to connect with consumers. Facebook and Twitter greetings, in-store promotions (sales and discounts), flyers and posters, and many other means are used to get consumers’ attention.



Another great way to reach consumers during the Mid-Autumn Festival is through out-of-home advertising. Since there are many parades and outdoor festivities happening during this time, static and digital billboard advertisements placed at key locations will definitely not go amiss.


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Tri-vision billboard at People's Park Complex (The Perfect Media)
Billboard at People’s Park Complex (The Perfect Media)


For advertisers who would like their ads placed at the most impactful of locations, The Perfect Media offers placements at various high visibility areas at Chinatown, People’s Park Complex, and People’s Park Centre.


There are other upcoming events and festivals still yet to happen such as Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and so on where you can place out-of-home advertisements for many people to see. The summer time is also a great time for out-of-home advertising. Not only do locals find the downtime to go out and about, an influx of tourists are also visiting Singapore during the summer. In 2018, over 4.8 million foreign tourists arrived in Singapore from June to August. Also, tourists spent S$1.38 million on sightseeing and tourism last year. Meanwhile, S$1.33 million was spent on shopping by tourists. Besides the summer time, Chinese New Year is also a great holiday for out-of-home advertising. 2.9 million foreign visitors arrived at Singapore from January to February 2018, with many tourists meaning to celebrate the Chinese holiday alongside locals.



Are you ready to plan for the upcoming festivities and holidays? If you weren’t able to place ads for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, there’s no need to worry. Let the timeline below guide you during your planning and let The Perfect Media help you with your outdoor advertising placements! By planning your campaign and budget according to upcoming holidays and festivals, it will also be easier to forecast the reach and impact of your ads.



The Perfect Media is your partner for impactful OOH advertising! If you want to take advantage of marketing your ads for the next festivities, contact us here to learn more about how we can maximize ad placements at various locations for the Mid-Autumn Festival and other upcoming events.



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