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Mini Car is very adventurous in their advertising and the outdoor medium is especially apt for them to unleash the uniqueness and creativity. They have Mini Cars climbing all over buildings around the world and recently in Singapore as well. Some years back, we also participated to create toy-boxes and cages to “house” the Mini Car for ambient displays in Orchard Road.

We also got involved in the Mini campaign this year. In a small, but ideally impactful manner.

We would have installed carpark boomgates advertisings in at least 6 carparks by next week. The taglines give the audience a little laugh and this strategy usually gets the message to stick well. The above picture was taken at the St. James Power House. Other locations already installed include the Market Street Carpark, Golden Shoe Carpark etc.

We do our boomgates advertising in a careful manner both suitable for indoor and outdoor carparks. Some other installers prefer to use cable ties as in the picture below, but I think it is unsightly and should be avoided.

No matter, boomgates advertising should be installed above or on the barrier – in line with the rubber protection beneath the barrier. The rubber protects the car from hitting the barrier directly when the car is too slow or fast to move off. Even though our boomgates advertising panels are very light in weight and have no sharp edges, no Lamborghini will appreciate anything to land on its shiny exterior!

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