The Use of Modern Technology in Outdoor Advertising

From the first hand-painted outdoor signages, we’ve come a long way since then in regards to technological advancements in the outdoor advertising industry. Through modern technology, billboards now have the ability to connect and interact with consumers through many creative ideas and strategies: payment systems, data trackers, edible billboards, real-time messages, augmented reality, virtual reality, QR technology, and so many more. These advancements have also paved the way for collaborative advertisements between outdoor and mobile advertising by allowing consumers to participate in billboard advertisements through their smartphones and gadgets


One of the greatest advancements in the industry was the installment of LED screen billboards dating back to 2007. In 2008, The Perfect Media even built its own LED screen billboard at Queensway Shopping Centre for Nike’s 2009 Human Race. With the entrance of digital signages, automation and data technology also saw advancements. Digital billboards are flexible with the types of content that can be displayed on it: Twitter news feeds, sports scoreboards, and even real-time interactive advertisements to catch the attention of passersby. Static billboards are still as prominent as ever with advertisers incorporating modern technologies to them. 


Some samples of interactive digital and static billboards can be found below:


1. The MINI Cooper sending targeted messages to its drivers through billboard advertisements

2. AR-enabled billboards by Snapchat to promote their Snap Originals series


Scanning the Snapchat QR code on your phone whether you’re viewing the billboard in person or through images allows users to view Snapchat’s trailers for their shows.


3. Billboards with vending machines by Red Bull


4. Unique tracking codes for every billboard placement by Budget Direct Insurance


The unique tracking codes in the form of contact website URLs enabled the brand to track data of the impact and response of their billboards. Budget Direct Insurance worked with The Perfect Media to place these outdoor advertisements across various strategic locations in Singapore.


5. Spray-painting robot technology used by Bosch to paint larger-than-life murals


The advancement of technology in the outdoor advertising industry has opened many opportunities for advertisers whether it’s to team up with robots for wall murals or to track data of numerous billboard sites. In the past, billboards got consumers’ attention solely for its static placements in strategic locations. Now, billboards are able to do so much more and advertisers can expect more advancements to be made in the coming years. It is definitely exciting to know what else outdoor advertisements can do in the future because of technology.


The Perfect Media has implemented outdoor advertisements with the use of advanced technological advancements such as the Unique URL Tracking Codes with Budget Direct Insurance with billboard placements in various locations in Singapore. Our company has also worked with Bosch by creating wall murals in the Philippines and Malaysia with the use of a spray-painting graffiti robot. 


The Perfect Media can help your brand reach the right millions with the use of modern technology in outdoor advertising too. Contact us and book our sites now by sending an email to or calling +65 8812 0555 via WhatsApp or mobile.





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