Insights Rallying Spirit For The Celebration Of NDP 2020
Rallying Spirit For The Celebration Of NDP 2020

Rallying Spirit For The Celebration Of NDP 2020

NDP 2020 will be brought into every Singaporean’s home. Which Featuring the theme Together, A Stronger Singapore – we will see many parade segments moved to the heartland and streamed live over TV as well as Internet platforms.



This is truly a special year. In fact, since April 25, the rules for displaying the national flag were amended so that people can fly the crescent and five stars from then until September. This display of the flag is a rallying symbol during the on-going Covid-19 outbreak. MCCY Minister Grace Fu said the flag is “a call for us to work together and stand resilient in the face of a crisis like this”.


Throwback to 5 years ago where there was a similar rallying spirit for the celebration of SG50, when we all came together to celebrate the things that make us uniquely Singaporean. #throwbacktuesday The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor) had celebrated SG50 for – Singtel for one of our biggest projects to install 5 Big-Impact Outdoor Billboard Displays!



The banners had a total surface area of 1841msq. The 5 different locations are – Central, Orchard, North, Katong Exchanges and one of the sky-high prominent displays – Pickering Operations Centre.



2020 will be another unifying year and Singapore will emerge stronger and more united than ever!

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