Insights How TPM Brings Creativity Into Life
How TPM Brings Creativity Into Life

How TPM Brings Creativity Into Life

We live in a world where advertising is everywhere. OOH advertising is one of the most commonly used platforms to influence the society to think and act according to the message conveyed through a brand campaign. In OOH advertising, it is not just about generating a brand’s awareness, as it takes a lot of creativity to capture people’s attention. In short, creativity and simplicity are the key things to success in advertising.


Creative messages often get more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the products being marketed. With our series of light boxes having the same viewing angle, it captures viewers’ attention longer as one ad leads to another. The pictures below show the creative mock-up and executions of our past client, OCBC NISP in Jakarta Airport, Indonesia:




This is how TPM Outdoor brings creative ideas to life. In addition, we have some other unique executions for MasterCard and CIMB:


A visual of a tree branching out on the sides, left and right.


Here are samples of our various creative ideas of advertising;




For more fun and creative static ad ideas, call us at 6273-0556!


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