Out-of-Home Advertising in Singapore During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted economic activities, causing both demand and supply-side shocks to the Singapore economy. The economy has slipped into contraction and is now set for its worst-ever recession. In November 2020, a national business survey was conducted in Singapore. According to the survey, 63% of the businesses and enterprises stated that the Covid-19 pandemic. This is when marketing strategies such as advertising play a key role in preserving businesses at this ‘critical juncture’.


Food delivery industry

The food delivery industry has boomed during this pandemic period. The three biggest delivery players in Singapore — Grab, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo have made significant growth in sales. In this highly competitive market, marketing for food delivery companies has been sourcing for ways to compete against each other. A way these companies have been adopting is investing in food delivery advertisements using the out-of-home medium to further boost their growth.


A notable outdoor display in Singapore would be the Foodpanda displays around Singapore. It is proven that these food delivery advertisements are able to influence a person’s day-to-day decisions. In the food delivery scene in Singapore, there is a high level of competition and hence, food delivery marketing decisions are crucial in aiding the companies in standing out from one’s competitors. One of the prominent displays of Foodpanda was on the digital LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre.


It was found that almost 30% of people purchased a product or service from the advertised business after seeing an out-of-home ad of the respective business. With the extensive reach and high conversion rates, food delivery services are pouring in a high amount of investments into food delivery advertisements using the out-of-home medium despite the Covid-19 pandemic.


Healthcare industry

While the world battles against the deadly Coronavirus, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has become more relevant than ever. From common illnesses to the high-contagious Covid-19 flu virus, the pharmaceutical industry has been playing an essential role in the lives of people.


Outdoor advertising has been utilised by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. From Panadol to Axe oil, healthcare marketing teams of the various healthcare businesses have been building its brand image by placing outdoor healthcare advertisements across the island. 


It is proven that out-of-home advertisements are seen as more trustworthy and credible as compared to other forms of advertising. Since gaining the trust of consumers is the key aim of businesses within the healthcare industry, many healthcare marketing teams within the industry are utilising outdoor for their healthcare advertising. These trustworthy advertisements will enable brands to build audience confidence in them and eventually patronise their products or services.


In Singapore, brands such as Holistic ways, HoeHin White flower and PIP Elekiban have been actively using the outdoor medium to attract consumers. These healthcare advertisements can be seen at People’s Park Complex to target people looking for health solutions in that area. The placement of these healthcare advertisements is well-strategized and complements well with the corresponding demographics.




IT and Technological Industry

As Singapore enters phases with tightened measures, more are working from home. Being contained at home, the need for more and better home appliances and software i.e laptops, monitors, office chairs is on the rise. People are scrambling to the stores to purchase IT and home electronic appliances.


Although these IT and tech companies are digitally native, they are investing in out-of-home to market their products. Google and Alibaba have both made significant investments in out-of-home vendors to support their existing digital advertising base. Netflix has purchased three dozen billboards on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. However, why is this so? This is because of out-of-home’s high effectiveness in creating brand awareness and providing a strong call to action with consumers.


In Singapore, Sim Lim Square is widely known to be the local go-to place for electronics, hence, making it a prime location for advertising electronics such as computers and home appliances. It can be seen that the out-of-home at Sim Lim Square has been adopted by many electronics brands.  A few notable brands including Dynabook have stepped up with their marketing strategies and adopted the outdoor advertising for their electronics advertisements. Therefore, the outdoor advertising medium is still a preferable medium of advertising during the pandemic.


With the numerous opportunities for out-of-home placements, The Perfect Media is here to help businesses to achieve an extensive reach of consumers, affordable cost and high turnover rates. The Perfect Media, with our rich experience in this industry, is here to provide you with our utmost service. Contact us here to learn more about our services and locations.



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