Outdoor Advertising – Embedded In The Fabric Of Media And Life Itself

In an article shared by my colleague Nora, Mike Baker, the CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association, wrote an interesting piece about the relevance of outdoor advertising. This article is a two part series found here (by Mike Baker) and here (by Kevin Shute, the founder of Rainmaker).

One quote resonated deeply especially since I am currently reading Joe Cappo’s The Future of Advertising: New Media, New Clients, New Consumers in the Post-Television Age

Quoting: Mike Baker
“It is easy to overlook outdoor as a medium because it has no editorial surrounding, no commentary or editorial. Or does it? Actually outdoor is so embedded in the fabric that it has blended into it; think fashion ads on bus sides, special builds at airports and bus shelters.

And that is where it can play a role: intercepting people going about their daily lives, placing relevant messages in front of drivers, shoppers, commuters, in proximity to stores, announcing new things to see and do, new events and activities. It’s so much part of the fabric, it’s almost seamless.

Outdoor advertising is always there, where you and I work. live. play.



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