InsightsOutdoor Advertising Regulations in Singapore

Outdoor Advertising Regulations in Singapore

The regulatory body for Outdoor Advertising in Singapore is managed by the BCA (Building and Construction Authority) and while the regulation and guidelines are myriad, the BCA website has been constantly improving so as to create a more systematic way for business owners, advertising vendors like TPM and also associations, building names etc to apply for our signs.


Last week, the BCA created an industry briefing session at the BCA Academy to better explain the regulations of the licensing requirements and clarify some of the signs which are against the licensing requirements and clarify some technicalities and costs. It is a nice gesture from the authorities to answer our questions as a team and also to hear the industry’s feedback.



It was a great session and took lots of effort and commitment from everyone to support it! I look forward to more detailed briefing in future and more two way dialog to keep raising the standards, safety and creativity into Singapore’s urban landscape. It will be a wonderful next step if the Outdoor Advertising industry can self regulate to ease the administrative burden on both government and industry. Let’s keep in communication!

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