Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing Advertisement At The Ideal Location – Geylang Serai

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When you are stuck in traffic or crossing the road, it is always interesting to observe large billboards with attractive pictures and catchy descriptions. Sometimes, these advertisements influence us to buy the products and services, or even inform us of the newness of the services.

The Perfect Media is one such company that makes the most of outdoor advertisements! The Perfect Media has more than 30 OOH media locations in Singapore that can target your needs and requirements!


The Perfect Media is an outdoor advertising company that understands the needs of the companies and advertisers. Its large-sized billboard placed in the heart of Geylang Serai allows potential customers to view the advertisement the traffic cross junction. With such smart billboard placement, The Perfect Media has benefitted and boosted several businesses such as ERA Housing agents, electronics and other logistic companies like LalaMove  by allowing them to lease the billboard to promote their services and products and attract new customers.


Recently, The Perfect Media leased its billboard to Pan Pacific Leasing for advertisement, helping it reach new customers and increase revenue generation.


Pan Pacific Leasing – What is it? How did it benefit from advertising at Geylang Serai?

Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing Official Website
Pan Pacific Van & Truck Leasing Official Website


Pan Pacific Leasing caters to the vehicle demands of Singaporeans. It provides hassle-free van and lorry rental services at market-competitive rates. Pan Pacific Leasing understands the varying demands of clients and customers and caters to their traveling needs by providing comfortable, affordable, and flexible vehicles. The Perfect Media benefitted Pan Pacific Leasing in the following ways:


Several Benefits

The Perfect Media’s Out of Home Advertising Services helped Pan Pacific Leasing reach a larger number of audience, leading to revenue generation and business growth  and customer base.


Close Proximity

The ideal location of Geylang Serai is close to the outlet of Pan Pacific Leasing. The arrow and the address listed is a clear directional sign to walk right into the outlet on the spot!  It means that customers can quickly move to the Pan Pacific Leasing outlet to inquire about their prices and services. Many businesses neglect their “Point of Sales” POS advertising. Advertising around the outlet vicinity can provide a final reminder to customers passing by and will reinforce the brand awareness of existing customers.



Geylang Serai billboard’s location is at eye level for all commuters. Pan Pacific Leasing, then, gains publicity by becoming a center of attention of all potential customers and clients and even more so during festive periods such as Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji, the Geylang Serai area becomes even more popular.


Creative Engagement

The Perfect Media’s Out of Home Advertising works closely with clients to provide them with creative, unique, and engaging advertisement solutions. Out of Home Advertising designed Pan Pacific Leasing’s advertisement appealingly to attract customers.


Customer Base

Not only is the Geylang Serai billboard near Pan Pacific Leasing’s outlet, but it is also close to the target customer base of Pan Pacific Leasing. The customer base, reaching a B2B targeting with all the businesses in Geylang Serai is situated near the billboard.


Call to action

Out of Home Advertising’s expertise allows it to produce effective call-to-actions that serve Pan Pacific Leasing by tempting the customers to opt for its affordable and comfortable vehicle rental services.


Needs awareness

The Perfect Media understands the need for a product/ service and the current trends and news and advertises accordingly. Since there are a lot of restrictions on car ownership in Singapore, and the demand for commercial vehicles can be seasonal, such as during the shopping peak period of 11.11 or 12.12 created by Lazada and Shoppe, or during festive periods such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa. The Perfect Media creates an advertisement for Pan Pacific Leasing capturing the need for a commercial vehicle rental company.


Pan pacific leasing billboard at Geylang Serai
Pan pacific leasing billboard at Geylang Serai


Pan pacific leasing billboard at Geylang Serai
Pan pacific leasing billboard at Geylang Serai


Pan pacific leasing billboard at Geylang Serai
Pan pacific leasing billboard at Geylang Serai



Interesting Upcoming Trends Identified by The Perfect Media

Due to the world’s focus on reducing harmful emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change, companies are working on their ESG corporate objectives. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance factors that evaluate a company’s commitment to sustainability. One way of advancing towards sustainability and committing towards a safer globe is electric vehicles.


The trend of electric vehicles is rising in Singapore and the commercial sector. Brands introducing and supporting electric vehicles include Tesla, Polestar BYD, etc. However, if customers cannot afford new or used electric cars, they can apply for a green car loan offered by DBS. DBS offers loans at 1.68 percent a year. The bank also promises to donate one tree for NParks’ “OneMillionTrees” initiative for each individual who signs up for the loan.

The Perfect Media’s perfectly-situated billboard and Out of Home Advertising creative solutions can allow these brands to publicize the benefits of Electric Vehicles, green loans and increase their customer base.


The unaffordable cost of car ownership has made car-sharing and B2B leasing of commercial vehicles the way to go. Companies such as BlueSG, TribeCar, GetGo Car, and Shariot are offering car-sharing services and can benefit from advertising their services on The Perfect Media’s outdoor billboard.

BlueSG, TribeCar, GetGo Car, and Shariot advertisement

BlueSG, TribeCar, GetGo Car, and Shariot advertisement 


The Perfect Media- Great Location, Creative Team, and Engaging Billboard

The Perfect Media is the solution to your outdoor advertising needs. Whether you need to advertise a product, announce a new clothing line, invite new customers, or boost your business, The Perfect Media is the solution for you. With years of experience and expertise, The Perfect Media knows the tips and tricks for successful outdoor advertising. It makes the most of its great billboard location at Geylang Serai to engage and attract customers.


The Perfect Media is equipped with a creative team that works tirelessly to innovate and design need-specific billboards for every product, service, or company. We provide completely customized outdoor advertising services as per your need. You can collaborate, discuss, and share your vision with The Perfect Media and get a billboard that captures the essence of your company or service. It has a successful track record of satisfied clients in Singapore!


Advertisements done correctly can boost your customer base and benefit you for several years! Like Pan Pacific Leasing, your business can also grow and reach new heights of success with the help of The Perfect Media! So The Perfect Media invites you to invest in an advertisement for the successful future of your company. Your marketing investment can do wonders for your business! We are looking forward to serving you with our creative, unique, and customized outdoor advertising services.


Please do not hesitate to contact The Perfect Media for more information regarding their services. We are available to answer all your queries!




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