Phase 3 of reopening: It’s Time To Get Out Of Home!

All information is accurate as of posting ( 25th November 2020 )


Scanning of TraceTogether token. Image Source: The Straits Times


In Part 1 of our Phase 3 update, we talked about certain ways businesses could prepare for the upcoming Phase 3. With even more updates of what’s to be allowed, here’s some further reasons why businesses should start being prepared for what’s coming.


Phase 3 of Singapore’s reopening is to arrive around the end of the year, but with a few terms. Cases in Singapore is to remain low, have a 70% uptake of TraceTogether & increased testing capabilities.


The overall number of new cases in the community has remained low, being no new Covid-19 cases for 14 days straight (as of 25th November 2020). All cases were imported and there have been no other locally transmitted cases.


Restaurants & Nightlife Pilots


In Singapore, sprawling lines at restaurants and bars have become an increasingly common sight since June, when the city state exited its two-month partial lockdown. Since then, retail shops have been allowed to operate, and dining at restaurants has been permitted with safe distancing measures.


These rules have significantly reduced seating capacity but analysts have also attributed the delays to an emerging trend of revenge dining, in which Singapore’s 5.7 million residents are diverting cash they would have spent on travel to dining out and shopping.


As the maximum number of persons per group increases from five to eight, these adjustments to capacity sizes might mean more people leaving their homes.


Nightlife before COVID-19. Image Source: Zouk


Nightlife will also be jumping onto some new pilots, with a limited number of 25 establishments including bars, pubs, nightclubs, karaoke lounges & discotheques reopening for trials.


However, alcohol cannot be consumed, served, or consumed after 10:30PM and masks have to remain on at all times besides eating or drinking. Surveillance cameras will be deployed to ensure compliance with measures. Nightclubs and karaoke spots will also require a previous 24-hour negative Covid-19 test result for entry.


Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble


Another part of Phase 3 of reopening, is the air travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong that will be starting on the 22nd of November. There will be one flight between cities per day seating 200 passengers each way.


However, on the 21st of November, in light of a recent spike in unlinked Covid cases in Hong Kong, the travel bubble will be delayed by 2 weeks. While many travelers were understandably frustrated, there was some relief knowing that both governments would not hesitate in doing the right thing to ensure the safety of travelers and residents.


In addition to the Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble, Singapore will be looking to partner with other countries to secure Reciprocal Green Lanes.


Singapore currently has Reciprocal Green Lanes with South Korea, Malaysia, Mainland China, Indonesia, Japan and Brunei Darussalam.


Future Air Travel Bubbles with Thailand, South Korea and Japan could be considered, depending on the COVID-19 situation. Which is exciting to think about, considering just 2 years back in 2018 we were all over visiting Thailand!



Travelling for the holidays (both internationally and locally!)


With the air travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong starting before 2021, this means that many families will be able to be reunited. This comes just in time for the holiday season! Christmas, 2021’s New Year, Chinese New Year and even Valentines’ Day, where families and couples that may have been separated during the restrictions, can spend time together again. Some may even be able to travel as holiday plans!


Furthermore, Singaporeans can look forward to travelling more in Singapore, with the $100 vouchers being distributed by the government beginning 1st December 2020. These vouchers will be redeemable at many Singapore Tourism Board approved merchants through booking sites like Klook,, Changi Recommends, Traveloka and GlobalTix.


With all these in mind, there’s no better time to start outdoor advertising to get word of your business out as more people head onto the streets. There’s still time to get your outdoor media up and running for Chinese New Year and more holidays + events beyond that!



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