Point of Sales (PoS) advertising, Point of Purchase (PoP) or Point Of Sale Marketing (POSM) advertising?

While some people would use these terms interchangeably, there is a subtle difference between them. PoS is where the customer pays for the product like near the cash registers or signing off on a credit card slip, PoP is where customers make purchasing decisions such as PoP displays that are filled with discounted goods or at the top of menu boards as the customers check out the daily specials.

Leveraging on the unique selling proposition (USP) of The Perfect Media Group, where we specialise in Large Impact advertising, we have worked with financial service companies such as MasterCard, Nets, China Union Pay as well as alcohol companies like the APB Group with brands like Tiger Beer and Becks.

A throwback to clients that have leveraged our POS services are Becks Beer, MasterCard and Nets financial services. These include POS items like outdoor umbrellas, awnings, coffeeshop signages, LED screens, menu boards, digital screens, menu stands, acrylic display stand for restaurants and slim lightboxes. We would work with merchants such as retail shops, restaurants and pubs to execute the above in areas such as Little India, Arab Street, China Square, Boat Quay and many more areas that are popular with Singaporeans and tourists!

Point of Sales Advertising that Works!

1. Branded Shop Signages

Alcohol brands and drink beverage brands such as Coca-Cola are some of the first that have used this form of PoS advertising for the longest time. Here’s what we did for Beck’s Beer before and it was perfect since these drinks were sold at the coffee shop and kopitiams. This advertising effect creates instant top-of-mind awareness for all patrons

2. Menu boards, Menu displays, Menu totems, Menu rostrums and tabletop advertising

Thanks to Covid, digitalisation has accelerated much in the F&B scene and most restaurants have moved into QR codes and digitalised menus. It is common to use advertising screens such as standalone 55-inch LCD screens and full indoor LED screens in restaurants to create vibrancy and brightness. It can feature special promotions, a reminder to others to use the VIP card, memberships, and even drive for advertisements and sponsorships.

3. POSM: Merchandising-related advertising  

This is a whole gamut altogether with the Japanese retailers being one of the most playful and engaging including gamification on the product packaging and seasonal offers. Research has shown that between 73% and 76% of purchases, decisions are made at the point of sale making in-store communications one of the most influential. The top 6 Point of Sales Materials (POSM) are Shelf signs, display stands, Digital display screens, posters, banners, showcards, dump bins, merchandising tubs, leaflets, and menu holders.

Aside from travel, retail is most definitely making a comeback in the post Pandemic world, and what fun it is now, especially with all the click and collection options!

Using digital screens for POS marketing around your business can have an even more significant impact than printed signs, when used correctly. Use digital posters and stands to influence customers on entering, entertain them while they’re queueing for checkout, or add a touchscreen for an interactive display. Interactive marketing also keeps customers engaged for longer. Even if the promotion has ended or changed, business owners can quickly change the requirements and update the message!

In today’s business landscape, AI content writers have become indispensable for maximizing the effectiveness of digital screens in POS marketing. These advanced algorithms analyze customer behavior, demographics and market trends to deliver personalized and effective messages. With their ability to create engaging content, these AI content writer tools increase the impact of digital marketing, providing a competitive edge in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The iScreen digital advertising solution is one of our most popular solutions that offers advertising, branding, and activation possibilities. It consists of

1) branded LCD panels of various sizes starting from 55”

2) customised standee that is designed to be both movable and sturdy for usage including the possibility to include all creative design executions creating higher audience engagement.

3) flexible for multi-usages – combine the screens as a 4-in-1 on event days to create a large video wall for an impactful impression.

There are many creative uses for this digital retail solution – One of the clients was an eCommerce platform for shopping – Tokopedia has used this creatively to feature their massive range of items within a branded zone where a captive audience dwells. Another of our clients – Lotte, gave away free shopping bags attached to the screen encouraging environmentally friendly advertising solutions.

Want to engage with retailers and point of sales outlets?

Contact The Perfect Media right now – we will conduct site surveys, optimise the options available, and recommend a total journey and experience from digital signages to A-stands that will engage the customers at your door.



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