POSTER 2.0 – By Chris Ong

“Video killed the radio star~ Video killed the radio Star~”


Somehow, this song just rang in my head when I am writing this. Just like how the world claims that technology will start to take over every simple thing that we do and see in life. Well, to some extent, this might be true, but not everything.


A lot of marketers have this conception that social and online advertising will take over the world or advertising. Well, I don’t think so, for me, the birth of these technologies only helps to enhance the advertising power of billboards and posters.


When we make a certain decision about something, we want to act on it at that instance. A simple example would be to see a Louis Vuitton poster and just step into the nearest boutique to grab your favorite bag. Advertising on the internet might not yield you a similar result when the consumer is at his comfort of his couch at home.


Hardest decision, left or right From Cateroutdoor

Hardest decision, left or right? From Cateroutdoor


Louis Vuitton billboard in Shanghai from Maosuit

Louis Vuitton billboard in shanghai. From Maosuit


Previously, I have shared about Tesco’s successful implementation of a shopping wall in train stations. That would be the best example of combining wall posters and technologies to drive sales and also to create awareness to the public.


Again, from the land of Kimchi, we have yet another brilliant campaign that combines outdoor media and online media, WIFI Poster. These movie posters act as portable hotspot for mobile devices to connect to the internet. When connected, the users will be fed with pictures and trailers for the movie. At the same time, they will be able to book tickets through this service. Within 5 days, 2 million viewers were recorder and 60% of the advance tickets were sold.


Information within seconds. From adverblog 1

Information within seconds. From adverblog


Information within seconds. From adverblog

Information within seconds. From adverblog


What is so amazing about these posters is like what I have mentioned, decision making on the spot. The first thing that would capture the consumer’s attention would be the loud and striking posters that they come across. When their phone starts to receive images and also trailers of the movie, they were given the chance to do the booking of the ticket. Notice that all these actions are done within a matter of minutes. This might not be as successful if it were just only a movie trailer on your TV or Facebook share that you come across.


We can see how important and beneficial billboards are when we want to influence a consumer’s behavior and also decision making. With the additional boost from technologies, the effectiveness of billboards and posters will be further enhanced and maximized.


Read more about WIFI Poster here



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