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Other than trailers, the second thing that will force me to shell out the money from my wallet to watch a movie in the theaters would be the movie poster. Movie posters are usually clean and simple, usually showing the genre of the movie using simple pictures.


As the number of blockbuster yearly increase, it would be harder for these movie makers to stand out among the stars. In recent years, we can see movie makers spending more and more budget in outdoor advertising for their new movies.


Outdoor advertising works wonder for movies; they usually create word of mouth both physically and also digitally. This would greatly improve the campaign awareness and also create a greater impact and feel to the movie.


One of the simple and my personal favorite execution for is done quite some time ago for the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, which is about Manhattan being overwhelmed by a huge tsunami.


The day after tomorrow half submerge Indai Mumbai Billboard

Half Submerged billboard creating an impactful message for the movie and created a buzz


This creative placement was done in India Mumbai. The billboard poster itself is pretty straight forward, but it’s the location of it that’s clever and witty. Its message is totally in line with that of the movie, and you just can’t help but look at it. It clearly shows the theme of the movie and effectively promotes it.


To sell the futuristic theme of the movie “Tron Legacy”, Fluorescent lights were used to show a different feel to this huge movie poster along the streets of United State.


Outdoor poster Tron legacy United States day

Simple movie title for Tron Legacy by Disney, wait till you see the night version…


Outdoor poster Tron legacy United States night

Now, THIS is Tron! 


We see how this simple movie poster was portraying the theme of the movie across to the consumers. With bright neon light lighted for the movie title, both human and vehicle traffics would be sure to notice the gigantic poster.


Remember the movie “Inception”?  They are the talk of the town some time back, with a huge cast of actors and a wonderful story line  They have spent quite a bit on out of home advertising with great placement at strategic location in France and United State.


Paris Outdoor billding poster Inception

What is real? The building or the gushing water?


New York Outdoor billding poster Inception

Now, the dream is real! 


Cleverly using the tall building along the streets, the posters and billboards manage to show the movie’s concept and grab the interest and target the passerby. With a placement so big and a concept so special, these poster will sure to generate a talking point and create awareness across the nation.

With strategic placement and simple and clear message, we can see how movie posters can hooks a person’s interest of a movie in just an instance. To end it off, I would like to share one interesting campaign for the movie “Contagion” which was done at Canada. Wonderful campaign and true to the message it wants to bring across. Not to mention, using something that you would never think of, bacteria.



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