InsightsSelf Branding with TPM Outdoor – Property Agent Shasha Ahmad

Self Branding with TPM Outdoor – Property Agent Shasha Ahmad

For all those sportholics out there, Queensway Shopping Centre is definitely nothing new to them. It is commonly known as a favorite spot for youths and families where they can find a wide range of sports gear, limited edition sports apparels and other equipment. Hence, promoting brands in Queensway Shopping Centre is always the best option if you have the right target market.



One of our clients, Shasha from ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, has certainly benefited a lot upon advertising with TPM Outdoor. Her key target market is towards working adults / families who are looking for opportunities to sell, rent, and buy properties. This has certainly allowed her to gain more recognition.



Apart from this location, Shasha Ahmad is also advertising with us at Tristar Complex – another ideal location with heavy human traffic, especially during the month of Ramadhan. Stereotypically, this site is best suited for those brands targeting the Malay community.



Should you require any information on these two key sites -or any one of our over 40 locations- feel free to drop us a call or WhatsApp us at 8812 0555!

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